The Fox Den: Victoriana Party Review

The Fox Den: Victoriana play party review

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Victoriana by The Fox Den was the first kinky play party I attended after the lockdown ended here in London. I had purchased tickets a couple of months earlier after discovering The Fox Den via some means (I can’t remember exactly where, but probably

All members of the Fox Den who aren’t referred by existing members have to be vetted by the founder – let’s call her Foxy. After a brief video call to talk through consent and check I wasn’t a weirdo, my membership application was approved. 

A few weeks later I attended a social (aka a munch) in a London park to meet fellow members and suss out the vibe. As normal at munches it was guy heavy, around 70% I’d say.

I was hesitant about booking tickets to The Fox Den’s Victoriana party. I’m not a fan of fancy dress – it’s expensive for one, but secondly, I didn’t really get the point of wearing Victorian clothes which tend to be many-layered and cover a lot of flesh if you are going to a sex party in the summer. Not only do you get boiling hot but there are so many clothes to take off and put back on each time you want to get frisky.

Nonetheless, I bought a couple of tickets, and about a month after the social event, I found myself outside an imposing building in an East London street. I knew the venue – it was where another popular swingers club in London held events.

I don’t drink but had picked up a couple of energy drinks on the way over to get me through the night. They’d somehow managed to completely freeze and so I gallantly tried to suck the ice block out of the aluminum can before the bouncer confiscated them on entry.

Inside the venue, my sub and I were greeted by friendly hosting staff and directed down to some lockers to pack away our things.

Due to the whole fancy dress thing I’d ordered a cheap coat off Amazon to wear, but upon trying it on had decided I looked like an Indian Prince – not the sexy vibe I was going for – and so ditched it.

Instead, I kept it simple with black trousers, a white shirt, and a waistcoat, complete with some cheap faux leather black gloves and a riding crop (got to get the kink in there somehow right?).

Moineau (my sub) had gone all out and looked like an authentic Victorian prostitute complete with puffy dress, underneath which was hidden a more traditional set of black lingerie.

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We were one of the first to arrive and decided to explore the venue before it got busy. In the basement, where the lockers were, was a vaulted dungeon. Personally, I preferred the dungeon at the old venue, as this one was too convoluted. Walls blocked views, and being tucked away behind the locker room meant it was a bit of a trek to get down there from the upstairs playroom. It just didn’t have the same, moody, low-level lighting vibe that the other one had (although I must admit it was fun to watch the gloryholes in action. This made for a comical situation at the end of the night when the venue owner tried to get the attention of a woman on her knees sucking an unknown stranger’s cock and inform her that she had to finish up soon as they were about to close).

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On the ground floor was a bar, seating area, and dance floor. And one level up was another corridor off which were two private rooms and a larger room with seating and low beds for group sex. These rooms I preferred to the old venue, as the decor was better, and the private rooms were a lot larger (although there were only two compared to the 4 or 5 at the last place).

The place started to fill up. I estimate around 80 people were in attendance. Because there were no restrictions on who was allowed to buy tickets (aside from being a member) the crowd was once again skewed towards men, I estimate around 65%. Great for the woman in attendance, but making it slightly more challenging to meet couples or single women to play with.

Everyone had made a real effort to dress up, and the place had a very friendly atmosphere. I didn’t see or hear of anyone being overly pushy or ignoring consent – one of the biggest concerns when attending a party. I put this down to the vetting done by Foxy and that only members were allowed to attend.

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Foxy as usual was an excellent host, taking the time to introduce people to one another, and skillfully remembering everyone’s names. Although she had put on parties before, I believe this was the first party she’d run with her new business The Fox Den (I may be wrong) but she made it look effortless.

There was entertainment laid on in the form of DJs (spinning tracks from a corner of the bar) and a live acrobatic performance.

Something I particularly enjoyed was discovering mini sex menu printouts on the bar tables for people to fill in. It’s little touches like these that make parties stand out in my mind (and you all know I’m a huge fan of sex menus and better communication, especially when entering a D/s relationship). Moineau and I had fun attempting to guess what each other’s answers would be as we filled it out.

Throughout the night we played in a few locations. First, we headed to the dungeon where I cuffed Moineau to the wall and did a bit of a spanking demo for another couple who were just getting into kink and we had brought along with us. They practiced on Moineau and then the woman swapped with her to also get spanked. 

He also played in the large group sex room. At first, there was no one there so we just did some cockwarming – Moineau kneeling in front of me – as I played with her hair. Eventually, a guy wandered in and sat down to watch. I chatted to him about various parties he’d been to as Moineau continued to suck me.

Moineau particularly enjoys the juxtaposition of her in a compromising position whilst I interact with other people in what would other be a perfect situation (ie having a conversation with someone) – it puts her straight into a subby mindset (if this is something you are interested in, check out my book Sensational Scenes which covers exactly how you can do this too). I find it a huge turn-on too, as it highlights her being the submissive and me the dominant.

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After a while, we moved to a private room for some fucking over an old wooden desk (turned on from all the kneeling and sucking). And then we moved back into the big orgy room with all the mattresses where finally some other people were naked and having sex. Although we didn’t interact with them (just had sex next to them), it is always fun to watch other people enjoying themselves.

Something I noticed at the party was that people seemed to be treating it more as a social event than a sex party. They mainly stayed in the bar and dancing seemed to be what everyone was doing, which I thought was strange. Why go to an adult party and just dance?

I suspect it was a combination of; more men than women (and so not everyone would have a partner to play with); the crowd being relatively new to the scene, who’d never been to a play party before and so were more comfortable having a quick peek at what others were doing before returning to clothes on socialising in the bar; and the layout of the venue which meant you didn’t always know where the action was happening.

Personally, I also feel the fancy dress theme played a part – if you make everyone dress up in multiple layers like Victorians then it doesn’t really encourage people to undress!

Compare this to a party such as Pleasure Island (the owner of which was also at this party – it’s a small world!) who have everyone undress to bathrobes on entry – this immediately creates a more sensual and sexual vibe from the get-go, and ultimately leading to everyone being naked in a few hours.

Now, granted, these and two very different styles of party, and I’m not saying one is better than the other. I’m just pointing out how many different types of play party exist and picking one that suits you and what you want to get out of the night is really important. (For more info, listen to myself and Jessica talk about this on my podcast all about sex parties).

For me personally, being a voyeur and an exhibitionist, I like to see people naked, having sex, and doing things they wouldn’t normally do in the privacy of their own homes or on a standard night out. Dancing fully clothed doesn’t do it for me.

But that’s just me.

Overall the party was a huge success and I must congratulate Foxy once again. I’ve already signed up for the next Fox Den party in September which is themed Angels and Demons. With that theme, I’m expecting far more naughty fallen angels in lingerie which should give the entire night a different feel.

If you’re London-based and have always wondered what a play party is like, then I’d most certainly recommend The Fox Den parties as perfect for newcomers, and far better value and a friendlier atmosphere than the big names like Killing Kittens.

Apply for membership on The Fox Den site, and I might just see you there 😉 

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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