Embrace Your Inner Submissive: How to be a better sub in less time.

Designed for the beginner submissive, the information on this page gives you a step by step plan to mastering being a submissive and creating the Dom/sub dynamic you’ve always desired.

Hello you 🙂

I write guides and articles about what it is like to be in a Dom/sub relationship with someone.

If you are looking to embrace your inner submissive, or want your man to step up and be more dominant with you inside (and/or outside) the bedroom, then I’ve got some resources I think you’ll enjoy.

Make your submissive fantasies a reality.

Become a confident submissive and avoid beginner mistakes.

Learn how to become a great submissive and make your Dom sub fantasies a reality with our intensive digital training programme designed for beginners curious about BDSM and power play.

Beginner submissives

Below are a selection of guides I believe you’ll find most useful when you’re just learning about submission.

Get started with those, and then explore the rest of the site.

Extra reading for Little subs

If you identify as a Little (enjoy having someone take care of you, guide you, and emotionally support you as a father figure would), read these too.

Extra reading for service-orientated subs

If you identity as being a service orientated sub or slave type (enjoy doing non-sexual things for other people outside the bedroom as well as in it), read these too.

Extra reading for sexual subs

If you identify as a sexual sub who enjoys the more sexual aspects of dom sub relationships, wants kinkier sex, to please their partner, or simply wants to be used as a sex object for his gratification, read these too.

Kinky scene ideas for submissives

Questions submissives frequently ask

  1. I Have Kink X. Am I normal?
  2. My Dominant Asked Me to Do Something But I Don’t Want to. Am I a Bad Sub?
  3. How Do I Find A Dominant Partner?
  4. How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Be More Dominant?
  5. Why Would a Woman Want to Be a Submissive?
  6. What Does it Mean When a Dom Collars a Sub?
Sensational Scenes

Sensational Scenes

How to Heighten Arousal, Induce Subspace, and Have Mind-Blowing Sexual Experiences in D/s Relationships.