DDLG Rules: A Little List of Rules for Littles

ddlg rules for littles

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So you’ve got yourself into a Daddy Dom, Little Girl relationship. Congratulations. Now you need some DDLG rules to keep everything on track.

Caring for your little is one of life’s great pleasures. And you know that as well as love, they crave discipline and structure from their Daddy. Because you know what’s best for them, right?

Below I’ve provided some fun rules that you and your little one can try during your DDLF or caregiver roleplay.

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A quick note on DDLG

For those of you who believe there is a link between DDLG and paedophilia, I urge you to do some research. The DDLG kink has nothing to do with being attracted to children.

It is simply allowing space for a person to access their ‘littlespace’, a place where the stress of adult life can be put to one side and they can enjoy simple pleasures again. And this happens within the context of a BDSM dom sub power dynamic.

The caregiver helps make this happen through actions and words. DDLG isn’t really about regressing to being a child (that’s more ageplay, not quite the same), but instead about recapturing some of the joy of childlike wonder.

They can still act as an adult but want someone they can rely on and help them out, someone who provides the safety and protection an older person might provide IF they needed it.

General DDLG rules

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  • No speaking to strangers without Daddy’s permission.
  • When in a restaurant, Daddy will choose your drink,
  • When in a restaurant, show Daddy three things on the menu you like the look of. Daddy will choose which one you eat.
  • Stay by Daddy’s side when out and about. No wandering off.

Housework DDLG Rules

These rules verse more in to a submissive slave style of BDSM, but personally, I prefer my little to be more teenage than acting super young and also be interested in being fifty percent slave girl for me.

  • Make the bed each morning. 
  • Change the bedding every week on Sunday morning. 
  • Make Daddy breakfast on the weekend. 
  • Iron Daddy’s shirts so he has some for work the following week. 
  • Lay out Daddy’s clothes for the following day before bedtime.
  • Hang up Daddy’s shirts after he takes them off so they don’t get creased.
  • Make a packed lunch for yourself and Daddy before you both leave for work.
  • Present Daddy with a drink when he gets home.
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Bedtime DDLG Rules

  • Enforced bedtime. Ensure you are in bed with lights out before 11pm.
  • Read for thirty minutes before bed every day.
  • Plug Daddy’s phone in to charge before bed.
  • Ensure your phone is on silent.
  • No playing on your phone thirty minutes before bed.
  • Sleep naked or in your panties and a cute t-shirt.
  • Say a prayer before bedtime each night.
  • Turn on your night light before bed.
  • Ensure you have your hot water bottle all filled up and ready to keep you warm.
  • Only one stuffy at a time is allowed in the bed.


teddy bear stuff for DDLG playtime
One lonely stuffy. Your little may want to play with him.
  • Draw Daddy a picture each week and stick it to the fridge.
  • Complete one colouring book page per week.
  • Arrange your stuffies on the bed in order, your favourite on the left and least favourite on the right. Take a photo and send to Daddy.
  • Take a photo with your favourite stuffy.

Personal growth DDLG rules

submissive blonde woman in white dress
She’s waiting for you to be a good Daddy and set her some rules.
  • Read a non-fiction self-development book this month
  • Write Daddy a 500-word summary of the last book you read, detailing the main points. 
  • Say your affirmations into the mirror each morning when you wake up.
  • Write three things you are grateful for in your gratitude journal every day.
  • Keep a journal of your experiences with Daddy. You should include what you enjoyed and what you can improve. Show it to Daddy weekly.


  • Write Daddy some twenty lines saying “I’m always a good girl for my Daddy”.
  • Fill in every O on a page of a magazine with a black pen.
  • Stand against the wall with your nose touching it for ten minutes.
  • Sit on the bottom step of the stairs for ten minutes.

Rules for Daddy’s pleasure

  • Wear a short skirt and top, or whatever prearranged outfit, in the house.
  • Always look attractive for Daddy when in public. This includes wearing a cute outfit you know he enjoys seeing you in. 
  • Wear a house collar when inside with Daddy.
  • Wear a day collar when in public.
  • When relaxing at home, only panties and a warm top are allowed. 
  • Sleep naked when sharing a bed with Daddy.
  • Always ask Daddy permission to sit on the couch or a chair.
  • Sit at Daddy’s feet unless he gives you permission to sit with him on the grown-up furniture.
  • Ensure Daddy has a filled water bottle by him at all times. Top it up throughout the day as necessary.

Sexual DDLG rules

  • Always ask Daddy’s permission to touch yourself sexually.
  • Ask Daddy’s permission to orgasm.
  • Put on a sexy show for Daddy on request.
  • When Daddy comes home, you should be waiting on your knees by the front door to greet him.
  • When commanded, you should get undressed and wait naked on all fours on the bed.
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Health and safety DDLG rules

  • Go to the gym three times a week. Send Daddy photos of you there to prove you went.
  • Drink 4 glasses of water each day.
  • Eat enough food to be satisfied but not to feel overfull.
  • Ensure you get five servings of vegetables every day.
  •  Let Daddy know whenever you leave the house or are travelling so he can ensure you are safe. 

Why not have your little make up her own rules? She knows what makes her happy to ask her.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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I love this article!!! It’s so helpful to know I am on track to being the best lg/sub to my Daddy!! I am new to this role and brought this BDsm idea to my husband/Daddy. I am shocked at how naturally I fall into the lg role already following many of the rules above…I feel like this is whom I was born to be and i had no idea if i was doing it right until reading this. Now i know some things i can work on as well to be the best lg for my amazing Daddy. So far I love it and I adore my Daddy so much for indulging this lifestyle with me.


Check out bratlife on reddit and also check fetlife!

Jessica K

How does one find a daddy/ dominant


You find a DD like this. This is a great read. I really appreciate the effort you have put into this.


Find one very carefully 😱


I’m new here

Rob C

This is a very nicely written and interesting article! I quite enjoyed the rule suggestions. Some of them seem a bit further than my Little and I would enjoy going regularly, but that you for your insights.


Recently became a DD after dabbling in Dom roleplay and this helped so much, great article thank you!


Is there any rules to follow a daddy Dom over text if u dont know him irl?


Hi! I’ve been trying to email you but the email isn’t delivering. Do you mind clarifying your exact email, Chief?



Thank you so much! I reached out.


I have had my lg/girlfriend soon to be lg/wife for 3 years come June 3rd 2021. I’m glad I found this. Because it will help me be a better Daddy for her and even gave me some habits I can add to our Obedience app. I look forward to getting your books to learn more as we grow our lg/DD relationship.


If a boy/girl is so addicted to a daddy that he can’t break up with him, but this daddy harms him, how can he get rid of him mentally? I don’t think my daddy partner respects me, my ideas, or my soul anymore. But I feel too unstable to do without it. What can I do?


Sorry to hear that, it sounds like a toxic relationship for sure, and I hope you can find the strength you need to either or both communicate your feelings and needs to him or break off the relationship. In the meantime the best thing you could probably do is find someone to talk to about this – whether a trusted friendor mentor in the community, or a bdsm positive therapist, or if you don’t know anyone who would understand the bdsm aspect, just keep it vague enough to sound vanilla or only discuss the vanilla aspects of the issues.

Talking about it with someone may help you in your mental preparation to end the relationship and move on, since you don’t feel ready to do that yet. Either way, try to find ways to mentally and emotionally withdraw a little at a time until you’re mentally and emotionally in a place to finally break it off. Hope that helps.


This is amazing!! I brought this up to my husband/Dadi… I was surprised that we’ve been doing this for most of our relationship. Now I just want to take things a little further. More into the bedroom.