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Unlock your kinky side and experience the thrill of submitting to a partner in a safe and consensual way.

Learn how to become a great submissive and make your Dom sub fantasies a reality with our online course designed for beginners curious about BDSM and power play.

You’ve got fantasies about submitting to someone but aren’t quite sure what to do next.

Perhaps you’re unsure how to introduce dominance and submission into your existing relationship, or are unclear about what being a submissive really entails

Perhaps you feel shameful about your desires and worry what your partner or friends might think of you.

Or perhaps you and your partner both love the idea of creating a Dom sub dynamic but haven’t figured out what style of D/s will fit your lifestyle best.

You’ve resigned yourself to the idea that being a submissive will have to remain your secret fantasy, doomed to be locked away never to see the light of day.

Any of this sound familiar?

You’re worried about

Your partner changing their opinion of you, or leaving if they discover all these fantasies you have.
Whether you’re ‘normal’ for wanting to be submissive.
How your desire to be a sub fits with society’s image of the modern independent woman or man.
What you’d even do if you DID meet an experienced Dominant as you have no experience.
You don’t need tons of sexual experience.
You don’t need to be in a relationship right now.
You don’t need to have extreme kinks, just a desire to explore what being a sub means to you.

Even if you have decided to take the plunge and decided you want to try out being a sub, you’ve probably realised…

Being a new submissive is nerve-wracking!

There’s so much…well…crap out there on the internet about what it means to be a submissive and what a Dom sub relationship is all about.

Porn and movies have got it all wrong and set terrible expectations.
Thousands of Fake Doms are out there who will treat you terribly.
Websites have poorly written articles created by interns with absolutely no experience and just want to get clicks.
Mainstream media doesn’t really ‘get’ what Dom sub dynamics are all about and constantly sensationalizes them.

Questions you probably have

How do I start communicating my desire to be a sub with my partner?
What should I expect as a new sub?
How do I know if I am doing it right?
How do I overcome feeling nervous about being a new sub?
How can I feel more confident and prepared in my role?
What type of subs exist and which one am I?
How do I meet a Dom?
Do I have to do everything a Dom asks me to?

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find useful and accurate information about how to become a great submissive and introduce power play into new or existing relationships!

No wonder so many people never fulfill their true desires and continue to hide their submissive light under a bushel…

Or worse still, end up in emotional manipulative or down-right abusive relationships only to blame themselves for being ‘bad subs’.

Aria Moineau as a submissive woman

It’s time to liberate your submissive side in a safe way!

It’s time to learn the art of submission, and experience what life is like when you truly embrace your submissive side.

It’s time you unleashed your true kinky nature because you DESERVE to have the most incredibly exciting, fun, and fulfilling sex life you can imagine. 

Just imagine…

Imagine your life as a confident submissive armed with all the knowledge you need to:

Practice BDSM in a safe and consensual manner.
Find the perfect Dominant for you, or make your existing partner more dominant.
Understand your core desires, what turns you on, and the type of submissive you want to be.
Enter your submissive mindset and experience the deep pleasure of submission and subspace whenever you want.

Imagine being able to relinquish control and having another person pleasure you, tease you, admire you, and own you if you so desire as you slip off into subspace.

Now imagine you could have that experience all day every day, as you integrate dominance and submission into your everyday life until it feels so natural it’s like breathing.

From Conservative Christian to Super Sub

Moineau’s Story

Aria Moineau submissive coaching
Submission has allowed me to be vulnerable and give up control whilst trusting in another to look after my best interests. With Chief as my Dominant, I feel cared for and emotionally safe in exploring my core desires with someone who not only understands my submissive tendencies, but who can challenge me and help nurture my sexuality; our D/s dynamic feels intimate and empowering in equal measures. Perhaps that sounds counterintuitive when, as a submissive, I am often physically bound or ordered about (and I am deeply passionate about reducing sexism in the world) but, for me, choosing to submit isn’t caging at all. Submission is freeing, and, ultimately, it’s sanctuary.

Not too long ago, Moineau was a strict Mormon from a very religious family in the United States of America.

Now she’s my personal sub, and has been a huge contributor to The Art of Submission.

Moineau had always fantasised about being in a Dom/sub dynamic, but it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she finally accepted her sexual desires and decided to do something about them.

Submission is now a source of strength and power for her, not a weakness, and she’s blossomed into an incredible submissive.

If she can go through this incredible transformation, so can you!

Experience the thrill of the Dom/sub dynamic you’ve always fantasised about with The Art of Submission

The Art of Submission is an online course designed to achieve all of the above and more, taking you from beginner to being able to create your dream D/s relationship.

It has been lovingly crafted for anyone interested in exploring their submissive side, inside or outside the bedroom, and wanting to experience the thrill of a Dom/sub dynamic, without shame.

It is suitable whether you are single or currently in a relationship, female or male.

The skills taught will provide you with practical steps to introduce elements of dominance and submission into your sex and everyday life.

You’ll learn what it means to be a submissive, and how to uncover the type of submissive your personality is most suited to.

You’ll learn a simple way to figure out what turns you on, and how to discuss limits, desires, kinks, and boundaries with current or future partners.

You’ll also learn how to handle difficult conversations, such as how to bring up a conversation about kink with your partner.

The Art of Submission will make you a confident submission and teach you exactly how to create the Dom sub dynamic you’ve always craved.

What you’ll learn

This go-at-your-own-pace intensive course is designed to be completed over 6 weeks, teaching you everything you need to know about what being a submissive involves, including:

Understand the fundamentals of domination and submission in BDSM
Engage in power play in a safe and consensual way
Discover what style of submission suits you best using a five-step process
Remove feelings of shame about your kinky desires and finally accept yourself using a powerful ‘Shame Shell Removal’ technical you can learn in 5 minutes
Find a suitable Dominant whilst avoiding the pain of getting involved with Fake Doms
Communicate effectively with new or existing partners
Develop your very own style of submissive energy
Discover ways to seduce your partner and please a Dominant
Take your relationship to the next level by incorporating dominance and submission into your daily routine
Have hotter, kinkier sex than ever before

What’s included

The Art of Submission is the most in-depth course on becoming a great submissive ever created, with over 6.5 hours of content, a 77-page workbook packed full of exercises and useful resources, and a supportive community for you to share experiences with fellow subs.

7 in-depth modules covering everything from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Narrated by me (Chief) and my sub, Moineau, we’ll guide you through the world of dominance and submission in a clear and concise way. Each module features multiple lessons and exercises which build on each other to help you learn quickly.
Over 6.5 hours of content. The comprehensive lessons cover everything we know about being a sub, all organised into bite-sized chunks for easy viewing. 
Practical tips from an experienced Dominant and submissive who live the lifestyle 24/7. We’ll not only give you useful information, but also share insights into our relationship and how we work dominance and submission into our everyday lives.
A 77-page workbook filled to the brim with powerful exercises, ideas, and resources so you learn faster.
Access to an exclusive community of fellow subs ready to answer your questions, keep you motivated and accountable, and cheer you on when you reach your goals.

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The modules in detail

Over the course of 7 modules you’ll learn everything you need to know about Dom sub dynamics, how you can become an incredible sub, and how to build the type of relationship you’ve always dreamed of.



A welcome to the course, how to access our student community, and what to expect on your journey.



Build a strong foundation of Dom/sub knowledge on which to base your dynamic, explore different styles of submission, and know what to expect during a scene.


Designing Your Submissive Blueprint

Understand your true desires and what’s driving them, identify activities which turn you on, set healthy boundaries, and come away with your very own Submissive Blueprint which details exactly what you need from a Dom sub relationship.


Keeping Yourself Safe

Engage in BDSM in a safe and consensual way, protect yourself when interacting with Dominants and recognise Fake Doms fast by watching for warning signs.


Harnessing Your Submissive Energy

Develop your submissive mindset, seduce your partner by creating sexual D/s polarity with practical activities, and influence your partner to take a more dominant role.


Introducing D/s into the Bedroom

Understand the main bedroom activities you can try; have the hot, kinky sex you’ve always fantasised about; and learn how to plan a BDSM scene.


Communicating Your Desires

Find a Dominant who matches your needs, level up your communication skills, confidently discuss BDSM with new or existing partners, introduce D/s into an existing relationship, and connect with your partner at a deeper level.


Going Deeper into Submission

Go beyond the bedroom with daily disciplines to heighten your submissiveness; introduce more intense BDSM practices into your relationship; and turn your existing relationship into a 24/7 Dom sub dynamic.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes! We want you to be thrilled with the course and to change your relationships for the better. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you can email us for a full refund.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s designed for those new to the world of BDSM but who think they may want to try power play in the bedroom or in their everyday life. If this sounds like you, and you want to explore your kinky side, this course is for you.

Is the course suitable for female and male submissives?

Yes. All the concepts discussed can be applied regardless of whether you identify as male or female or non-binary.

Why should I learn from you?

I’ve been practising BDSM and D/s for the past 6 years, have attended multiple kinky parties and interacted with many Doms and subs, been featured in newspapers, host a BDSM podcast Conversations wtih a Dom, and am the founder of Kinky Events, a website which educates tens of thousands of people a month about how to engage in dominance and submission in a safe, consensual, and fun way.

Submit to your kinky desires…

Isn’t it time you unleashed that side of yourself which longs to be set free?

We truly believe the material in this course is life-changing, and anyone who completes it will be armed with enough Dom sub knowledge to make even the most experienced kinkster blush.