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There are so many misconceptions about dom sub dynamics out there. When I first started to learn about BDSM I didn’t know who to turn to, and what advice I could trust. Over several years, involving much research and experimentation, I slowly began to uncover my own personal style of D/s which I like to call Romantic Dominance. Along the way I discovered what I enjoyed, how to have kinkier, hotter sex, how to communicate with partners more effectively, and much more. Now let me help you on your journey.




Helping kinky folk develop their unique style of dominance and submission within BDSM relationships, in a safe and consensual manner.


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Submissives start here

If you identify as a submissive then start with this collection of the most useful guides on the site for subs.

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Dominants start here

If you identify as a dominant then start here and let me take you on a journey from novice to expert in no time at all.

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Free resources and downloads

There’s even more great stuff on the resources page, including quizzes and workbooks to accelerate your learning.


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