29 More Dirty Text Messages to Tease Your Submissive With

29 dirty text messages to turn your sub on

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It’s the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic and you’re stuck indoors.

Maybe you haven’t seen your sub all week and you’re feeling frisky. Maybe you just want to turn your girlfriend on from across the room as she works away busily on that sales presentation.

Either way, you need some inspiration on what to text her. Something dominant, sexy, playful, teasing. And definitely dirty.

After the success of my first 7 Dominant Commands You Can Give Your Sub By Text Message article (it’s one of the most popular on the site at the time of writing), and my free download of 36 X-Rated Submissive Texts That’ll Keep Him Thinking About You All Day Long, it’s time for another batch of kinky and dirty text messages for dominants to drive their submissives wild.

As always, I caveat all of these messages by saying: consent, consent, consent!

Only send them to someone who has consented to receive explicit dirty text messages from you. Sending this type of kinky message without permissions, to someone you’ve only just met, or to anyone who might take offense could be considered harrassment.

Use your brain and don’t be a dumbass.

Teasing text messages

couple sexting each other with kinky dirty text messages on sofa

Let’s kick off the dirty text messages with some light-hearted teasing. Nothing too intense here. The kind of sexting you might do during the early stages of dating or the beginning of a relationship.

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Perfect for those just getting started with the dom sub lifestyle, or even those of you you’ve stumbled across this site by accident and have no idea D/s even existed (I’m sure you’d like to learn more though).

I’ve got an image of you stuck in my head. Well, not all of you. Mainly your ass wiggling high in the air ready for me.

I have a fun dream last night. Let’s just say I was surprised by how flexible you were in it…

If you could only be kissed in one place on your body by me this week, where would you choose and why? (Choose wisely – it may just come true)

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

Stressed out by the news? Come over here and I’ll help take your mind off it.

That dress you wore the other night. I want you to put it on and come have a romantic dinner with me. I can’t promise to keep my hands to myself though.

It’s been a stressful day. Later I’d love a massage to relax, then for us to fall asleep naked together.

Slightly kinky messages

Those previous ones too tame for you? I don’t blame you. We’re not in high school now!

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Time to ramp up the sexiness of your dirty texting and introduce a hint of kink.

It’s been a while since you were bent over my knee and taught a lesson. Tonight might be the night…

This weekend is playtime. I’m going to give you a full body massage, then tease you mercilessly with my tongue. But only if you’re good for the rest of the week.

Have you ever been tied up before? I think we should give it a go.

I can’t wait to watch you undress and kneel before me.

How do you feel about me being extra rough with you tonight?

My head’s stuck in work mode today. I hope you’re up for being treated like a mischievous employee later.

On a scale of one to ten how much of a good girl have you been this week? If you can prove it, I’ve got a surprise waiting for you here.

I’ve got an idea. No talking. No clothes. Just animalistic fucking all day. You in?

I wish you were here on the sofa with me so I could cuddle up to you from behind, slip my fingers between your thighs and gently squeeze your breasts as we watch a movie. Reckon you’d make it to the end without coming?

It’s been a stressful week and I need that sexy body of yours for free use. Meet me in the bedroom in 5 minutes.

Commanding text messages

woman looking at dirty text in car

Not dominant enough for you? I hear ya. This is your sub we’re talking to after all, and no doubt she’d appreciate a good dose of dominance from her Sir, Daddy or Master.

These messages are more commanding and dominant, requesting she completes and action for you. This type of dirty texting is great for remote domination if you can’t see your sub in person, or are in a long distance relationship.

When I get home tonight I expect you to be waiting for me by the door, collar on, clothes off, kneeling. Understood?

Be a good girl for me. Remove your underwear, then take a photo of you holding them to prove you’ve done it. Don’t put them back in until I say you can.

It’s time for your weekly challenge. Go get your large butt plug and put it in. I’ll text you sometime in the next 2 hours letting you know if you can remove it.

I want you to get on your bed, find your bullet vibrator, and slide it onto your clit. Keep it there until you come. I want you to record the audio of your orgasm on WhatsApp and send it to me as proof you’ve done as instructed.

I need a reminder of why you’re my perfect little slut. Lift up your skirt, slide your panties to one side, and take a photo for me.

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Incredible dirty text messages

man sending dirty text message to girlfriend

We’ve in the big league now, gentlemen.

These messages are very explicit and not everyone out there would appreciate receiving them! So once again, please make sure that you only send these types of dirty text messages to people who you have an established dom sub dynamic with.

You should pick and choose the ones that best suit the character of your D/s relationship, be it Master/Slave, DDLG, romantic, free use, purely sexual, and everything in between! Don’t forget to also change any wording around. For example, replace ‘little girl’ with ‘slave girl’ or ‘fuck toy’ if you’re in a Master/slave or Free user type deal.

Basically you want to ensure that your recipient is excited by the words you’ve used, not turned off. Once small change can make all the difference.

Later I’m going to tie you to the bed by your ankles and wrists, then use your little holes one by one.

Wish you were under my desk right now with your mouth wrapped around my cock. It would make these conference calls so much more interesting.

I can’t wait to taste that beautiful slit of yours, then fuck you hard until you pass out with pleasure.

It’s been too long since I came down your throat. We need to change that.

I‘m going to buy some rope to tie you face down so your holes are exposed for me.

Wish you were slowly riding my cock as I lay back and admire the soft curves of your breasts, imagining them covered in my come.

Tonight all I need is for you to be my little fuck toy, something to use for my own pleasure.

I’ve been day dreaming about the look you give me as you glance upwards, my cock between your lips. The way you run your tongue over me is divine. And that’s why you’re my good girl.

Concluding this sexting sin fest

Ahh…writing that filth was in some ways cathartic, but also a turn on. Time for me to take a break and send some of my own kinky texts over the airwaves.

If you’re curious about creating the kind of relationship dynamic with your partner where sending this type of kinky and dirty texts to one another is very welcome, then you’ve come to the right place. I suggest you head over to my beginner’s guide pages. If you’re into being dominant, go here. If you wanna explore being a sub, go here.

Oh, and don’t forget to copy one of the messages above and shoot it across to your partner first. Let me know how they react!

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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Absolutely brilliant, would like to see a few more messages.

Would also like to see some suggestions of commands or tasks you could set your sub while away.

The General

Good work.
I approve.


Love these ideas. Like Lloyd could use more lol


Most of the time due to my personal situation I use dating apps to communicate to meet subs. Would be great to have some message tips to “introduce” the subject to them, dropping some hints etc.


What apps do you use? I’m new to all of this and was wondering how to bring up the topic as well.


Thank you for these great articles. As a non-binary/woman who is a dom this has been the most helpful information I have found (albeit a bit male focused – some of us are women with female subs 😉


I can be your sub

Mistress Jane



I will join


Hi I need help with something I’m a sub by nature and I have always been into the b/s dynamic but my partner does not what to even attempt to do it with me and if I say anything about it he just get mad what do you think I should do


Hi I’m looking for a loyal sub that’s ready to obey my command


I can be your sub


I can be your dom


Keep in mind, anyone who’s reading this, that not all dominants are males and not all males are dominant. Women aren’t the only ones who can be “little sluts”.


These are my thoughts exactly as I have met a very sub man that I am learning to be more domme with, but it is not the easiest for me since I have always been the more sub one in a relationship. The switch role has been a little challenging. 🙂


I can be your dom


So has he stepped up to his duty of being more dominant or has he left you feeling needy or unhappy?


i need a dom bf but its so hard to find a gay dom whos ok with trans boys


I have the perfect person for you cole don’t you worry!!!


this is scary bc we have the same name and i’m also a trans boy who is having trouble finding a male dom who isnt put off by my gender like i could’ve written that comment. we should be friends


This the awesome website ever dude