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General enquiries

Although I can’t respond to every email, I do read them all. I do try and reply, although my answers might be short. I may also use your question as the basis of a podcast or article, although I will never reveal your identity and will remove details that could identify you if supplied. By emailing you accept this.

Advertising and collaboration

We are happy to talk about collaboration opportunities for brands with a perspective and appreciation for D/s that matches ours. Opportunities include event, service, and product reviews in article format or on the podcast, banner ad placements, and podcast interviews.

A media kit detailing what we offer is available on request.

Interviews and appearances

Chief and Moineau are happy to talk about their experiences of being a real-world couple engaged in powerplay and BDSM, in an authentic and relatable way. We are open to discussions about appearing on your podcast, to be interviewed for newspapers and digital articles, attend your kink events, and give talks to groups.

Sponsored articles

We do not allow articles written by others for the purpose of links.

Discord community

If you are emailing a question about the Discord community, please read these FAQs first.

My invite link has expired. Can I get another one?

No, sorry. Links expire automatically after a few days to ensure they cannot be shared which keeps the community safe. Please use your link as soon as you receive the application confirmation email next time. You will have to reapply.

When are applications opening again?

There is no set date. Sign up to the mailing list using any email capture box on the website to be notified when they open. It is usually once a month, but no guarantees. It all depends on what is happening in the community.

I applied but haven’t received a confirmation email. What happened?

You will only receive an email if your application is approved. Please check your spam folder as I check all applications within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard by then, you weren’t approved, or the email went into your junk folder.

Why was my application not approved? I’ve been a Dom/sub for many years?

Entry to the community is not dependent on your experience levels. It is whether I believe you to be someone who is going to contribute to the success of the community, be a friendly person, and abide by the rules. If you provide short answers with no effort to the questions asked in the application process, or you don’t follow the instructions given, this is an indication that you may not be right for the community and your application is likely to be denied.

Email address

To prevent spam please re-assemble my email address using the details below.

First part: My name – chief

Second part: @ the domain of this website.