24 Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend During Sex to Make Him More Dominant

24 Dirty talk phrases for submissives

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Does your boyfriend or husband need a little encouragement to unleash his inner dominant in the bedroom?

The 24 dirty talk phrases below are short and sweet, but sure to get his blood pumping.

They all have a Dom/sub theme to them. They encourage him to be rougher, more forceful, more dominant, AND show him that you want to be dominated in the bedroom.

With a little change of wording you can make all of these into naughty submissive texts to send him during the day to rile him up, ensuring he gives you a good fucking later that night.

  1. I love it when you pin me down so I can’t move
  2. Pull my hair, hard!
  3. I want you to use me as your personal fucktoy
  4. Make my little pussy yours
  5. I want to be your good girl
  6. Can you tie me to the bed? I want to feel overpowered by you
  7. I want to feel your weight on top of me
  8. I want to get down on my knees and service you. May I, Sir?
  9. You own my body. Use me however you please
  10. Is that the best you’ve got? Now I want you to really fuck me
  11. I love it when you come hard inside me. Makes me feel like I’m yours
  12. Dominate me. I need it so badly
  13. Do whatever you want to me. I’m yours
  14. I’ve been a bad girl today. I need you to spank the naughty out of me
  15. Slap my ass and tell me how much of a little slut I am for you
  16. In the bedroom I want you to call me your little whore. I don’t need a name. I’m just a thing for you to use for your own pleasure
  17. I love it when you call me your little whore. Makes me feel owned by you
  18. Come for me. Fill up my holes so I you know I’m yours
  19. Do I have your permission to come?
  20. I love the thought of kneeling before you and worshipping your cock
  21. You make me feel so cared for
  22. My body is yours tonight
  23. Put your hands around my throat and show me who’s in charge
  24. Bend me over right now. I’ve been waiting all day to feel you inside me

Bookmark this list, learn a few of the phrases, and try them out in the bedroom!

Oh, and don’t forget to come back and leave me a comment describing the reaction you got.

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Khalif Barkhadle

Masterpiece. Thanks imparting knowledge.

Khalif Barkhadle

Great piece.
Thanks a million for imparting knowledge 🙏


I thank you deeply for the knowledge you have been so generous to impart upon me today