About Kinky Events

The Mission

My mission is to help 1,000,000 people develop their own unique style of dominance and submission, in a safe and consensual manner, as well as destigmatising and demystifying Dom/sub dynamics, so we can all have healthier, happier, and more pleasurable relationships. I think it’ll make the world just that little bit better.


Hi. I’m Chief.

I founded Kinky Events in October 2019 to chronicle my experiences as a single man visiting kink events in London.

Humble beginnings

Quickly it became apparent that many of the readers were interested in the dominance and submission aspects of my writings, and my experiences in that area, so I shifted the website to writing guides to help beginners.

I remember always being fascinated by sex, and exploring all it has to offer. I was especially drawn to BDSM and dominance and submission, although I didn’t use those words at the time.

Eventually, I encountered more and more women on the dating scene who identified as submissions (subs) and wanted me to ‘dominate’ them. I wasn’t entirely sure what this meant, as I’d never labelled myself a Dominant. My perception of a Dom at the time was an old guy dressed in leather whipping someone. I hadn’t associated the style of sex I was having with partners as being aspects of BDSM and dominance.

And so I took to Google to really get a sense of what someone might mean when they say ‘just dominant me’.

There wasn’t much good information out there.

Especially not regarding the psychological and safety aspects of D/s, or D/s within a relationship.

Once I’d got more experience, and figured out what being a Dominant actually meant (or at least making my definition of a Dominant), I began writing guides to help others, so they wouldn’t have to do all the searching I did.

And then I teamed up with my sub, Moineau, to learn more about the submission perspective so I could write about that too.

In 2021 the site was growing nicely, and I published my first course and book.

Sensational Scenes is a book written for Dominants teaching them my ideas on how to structure a scene for maximum impact. I’m incredibly proud of it, and at 135 pages it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written. I just had to pack in as much info as I could, from theory, to practical examples, to biology.


Sinful Shibari was my first video course released, designed to teach rope bondage for sex to beginners who engage in dominance and submission. It was a lot of hard work, and many hours of filming, but the result was worth it.

I also started Conversations with a Dom, my BDSM podcast where Moineau and I discuss all aspects of dominance and submission, and what a typical D/s dynamic looks like.


In 2022 I released The Art of Submission, a course for beginner submissives who wanted to learn more about what it means to be a sub, how to uncover their core desires, find a Dominant, what to expect, and how to communicate their wants and desires.

I also created The Community, a safe space on Discord for Dominants and submissives to make friends, get advice, and chat with like-minded people.


One of the main criticisms this website receives is my use of pronouns.

As I mentioned above, when starting this website it was to write about MY experiences as a MAN on the kink scene.

As I learned more about being a MALE dominant, I started writing guides for MALE dominants. That’s why many of my early articles always refer to the Dominant as a man.

Now that my audiences is wider, and more female Dominants are looking for advice, my more recent articles do take this into consideration.

However, I don’t have experience being a female Dom, and therefore I don’t often write about it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing about a topic I don’t know.

This absolutely does not mean that I believe women can’t be dominants, or that men can’t be submissives.

I believe everyone should have the right to be whatever they want to be.

Just please note that my use of pronouns reflects my experiences as a male Dom primarily writing for a male Dom and female submissive audience. That doesn’t mean that the articles aren’t applicable to everyone. They are. You just need to switch the pronouns in your head as your read.

You can read more about this topic in my article Why Are Many of My Articles About Male Doms and Female Subs?