Le Boudoir Review: What My Sub and I Did at London’s Secret Sex Venue

Le Boudoir club's dance floor

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On Saturday I attended Le Boudoir members’ club with my play partner, Moineau. It was our first trip to a kinky party since Klub Verboten a few weeks earlier. (And you can read her review of Le Boudoir also).

Le Boudoir is a sex and swingers’ club spread over three levels at a secret location in East London. The space is large, featuring a dance floor, a sofa area for chatting, private rooms, an orgy room, a dungeon, dark room, glory holes and even a headmaster’s office.

Plenty of space to have fun.

The action normally takes place in the orgy room. I call it that because it’s a room with three individual large mattresses, as well as about eight mattresses pushed together to form one giant bed. Throughout the night this area ebbs and flows with people. You’d pop your head in at the beginning of the night and there might be a couple fucking on their own. An hour later you’d look again and see ten to twenty people piled onto the bed, a tangle of legs and arms.

If you want to know what we did in the dungeon, who we got down and dirty with, and the kind of experience you’ll have then read on for my full Le Boudoir review.

Let’s rewind to the start of the night.

…it felt naughty knowing we were off to a sex club unbeknownst to our fellow rider.

We arrived at Le Boudoir around 11.30pm. Before that we’d been ensconced on the sofa at my flat, having had an extremely lazy day. The thought of dragging ourselves off the sofa, getting dressed, and heading out into the cold night wasn’t hugely appealing, but I’d already bought the ticket, and so we got ourselves ready and jumped into a taxi.

We were sharing with a fellow Uber passenger, and it felt naughty knowing we were off to a sex club unbeknownst to our fellow rider.

The taxi pulled up outside, we jumped out, and I rang the doorbell, trying to look nonchalant as we stood in the doorway of the club. A click of the electric latch signalled our arrival had been noted, and with a press of the heavy wooden door, we entered the reception.

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We paid the remainder of our ticket fee, and then it was time to enter the body of the club. I held my partner by the hand and led her through the main room, filled with around 30 people. The men were smart, dressed in shirts and trousers. The women varied in states of undress, but the majority were in lingerie.

I led Moineau to the locker room and instructed her to remove her dress, which she obediently did. She was now just wearing her black lingerie, including a garter belt and stockings. The outfit really accentuated the curves of her assets.

Le Boudoir woman in lingerie
Not Moineau, but an accurate representation of her Le Boudoir outfit and ass.

Once again I took her hand and gave her a tour of the building. I enjoyed seeing people check out her ass as she wandered through the space with me, knowing I was the one able to use her body however I wanted.

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After the tour, we stopped back at the fridges for some soft drinks, before settling on a sofa in the main room watching the dance floor.

Le Boudoir club's dance floor
Le Boudoir’s main socialising room, complete with comfy sofas and dance floor. Image credit: leboudoir.club.

Whilst pouring the drinks I noticed a couple who stood out from the rest, mainly because the woman wasn’t dressed provocatively like the others, instead opting for an outfit you would expect on a standard night out – jeans and a top. Accompanying her was a guy in a t-shirt and jacket. Both were hovering at the edge of the dance floor, watching a couple of women climbing the stripper pole in the centre of it.

I could see the woman’s eyes lingering on Moineau, scanning her from breasts to legs as she sat beside me in the lingerie. It was pretty obvious she liked what she saw.

From the look of them I judged them to be first timers, new to the scene and Le Boudoir. I struck up a conversation and was proved wrong. They’d been before. I took their body language to be a sign of nerves rather than anything else, although was slightly curious that despite being married they didn’t really speak much to each other.

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Regardless, their appearance of innocence (because I like corrupting innocence) was attractive to me, and I invited them to come sit with Moineau and me.

We chatted for about ten minutes. They didn’t give much away, preferring to answer the questions I was throwing out about how they met, how long they’d been enjoying this lifestyle. In the silences I could see the woman’s eyes lingering on Moineau, scanning her from breasts to legs as she sat beside me in the lingerie. It was pretty obvious she liked what she saw.

Moineau and I had discussed before the event what we might like to do. She was interested in exploring an MMF threesome, as long as the guy was under my guidance. I thought it would have been fun to try this, but we’d both have to like and trust the guy. Moineau wasn’t too interested in playing with a woman, but being pansexual would let a woman touch her, again under my guidance.

The couple if front of us were keen, but we didn’t know what exactly they were looking for – watching, soft swap, hard swap, or anything in between. I should have brought the conversation around to it, but I didn’t. Sometimes I forget this is a sex club, and it’s ok to be upfront and direct about what you are looking for, rather than a normal club environment where any mention of sex upfront is likely to get you a slap.

Eventually, the couple suggested we go for a wander. I suggested the dungeon which had been empty on our previous wander. This time it was filled with around ten people in various states of undress and fucking.

BDSM equipment in Le Boudoir Club's dungeon in London. Perfect for a Dom to play with his sub in front of an audience
BDSM equipment in Le Boudoir Club’s dungeon in London. On the night it was low lit. The padded red wall to the right is where I tied Moineau up. Image credit: leboudoir.club.

As the couple stood by her side, I slid her panties down to her upper thigh.

I’d read a story earlier in the week on Reddit about a woman hired to serve at an upmarket party in America. She had been tied naked in stocks whilst guests wandered around and used her body as they wished. Both Moineau and I thought the story was hot, and we were keen to see if we could try something similar at Le Boudoir.

A set of cuffs attached to the wall of the dungeon seemed like a good place to start. I made Moineau face the wall and secured her wrists, about half an arm’s length above her head. She took a little step back and arched her back, pushing out her bum in preparation for what she knew was coming. As the couple stood by her side, I slid her panties (helpfully placed over her garter belt and stockings) down to her upper thigh.

From her position facing the wall she wasn’t able to see much about what was going on, but knew there were people around. I spanked her a little bit with my hand, then encouraged the man and woman to give Moineau a spank too, or to run their hands between her legs if they wanted.

Another woman came up to me from across the room. She excitedly asked me if Moineau was into nipple play, and if she could touch them

The guy seemed to be into it and gave Moineau a couple of hard spanks, The woman seemed less interested. Again, I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or because she wasn’t used to being dominant. I thought she’d jump at the chance to run her hands all over Moineau given she’d been ogling her body earlier on the sofa.

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Another woman came up to me from across the room. She excitedly asked me if Moineau was into nipple play, and if she could touch them. I agreed, and she reached around to grab a handful of breast. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but kept a watchful eye on Moineau’s reaction to ensure she was enjoying herself, leaning forward to ask her softly in her ear if she was happy with what was going on. She said she was so I let the play continue.

At this point Moineau had four people touching her. Myself and the guy from the couple were spanking her ass from behind, and stroking between her legs. The woman from the couple was standing to Moineau’s right, holding her hair, and the other woman was standing to her left, playing with Moineau’s nipples.

It was quite a sight.

Because we’d never played with others before I didn’t want it to go on for too long without a quick chat with Moineau. So I pulled her panties back up and uncuffed her. Scene one done!

I then suggested the orgy room, and myself, Moineau and the couple headed up the two flights of stairs. The orgy bed was in full swing (pun intended) when we got there, but one of the single beds was unoccupied. We headed over and began to get undressed, us at one end of the mattress, the couple at the other.

The two women kissed (Moineau’s first time) and played with each other’s breasts. Moineau said afterwards it didn’t do much for her but I enjoyed the show :).

The guy also started kissing Moineau’s body and mouth, which neither of us enjoyed that much. If we were going to play with someone I wanted to know they were someone I’d enjoy hanging out with in a normal situation. I wasn’t getting that vibe yet, as we’d hardly spoken to the couple. Luckily he got the message from Moineau’s body language and backed off.

He came on his partner’s breasts as Moineau and I continued fucking doggy style

I was still curious why the woman wasn’t all over Moineau having clearing been interested earlier. Maybe it was because she was wary of me, or was waiting for permission from her husband, I don’t know. But the action didn’t go beyond Moineau and I fucking whilst she gave her man a blowjob as he touched Moineau. A soft swap to use the lingo.

After about ten minutes, he came on his partner’s breasts as Moineau and I continued fucking doggy style. They cleaned up and got dressed, leaving without saying a word. At this point I started to think they were a little odd. They didn’t smile at us, or say thanks, or ‘see you in a bit’. They just got up and went to sit in another area of the room and watch other couples fucking.

Was it because they wanted a full swap but we’d given off signals we didn’t? I don’t think so, because the woman wasn’t interested in me. Was it because she wanted Moineau to dominate her? Maybe, but without having discussed it how would we know. Was it that only the guy wanted to fuck Moineau? Maybe, but then why was the woman watching Moineau?

It was all a bit strange, and highlights how important it is to communicate with play partners, and to be generally friendly with one another! I’ve just let you kiss my partner and fondle her tits and pussy. The least you could do is give us a smile.

Regardless, Moineau and I had a fun night at Le Boudoir. She fulfilled one of her fantasies of having me allow others to play with her, and we also got to see several couples enjoying themselves.

If you are London based and looking for a kinky event to go to, then give Le Boudoir a shot. Like any regular club, the night can be hit or miss depending upon who is there. I’d recommend going as a group if you have kinky friends, so you’ll have someone to chat to regardless.

Le Boudoir is a members only club, so you will have to register to be admitted entry. This can take a week or more, so do it early. Couple entry is £70 at the time of writing, and a yearly £25 membership fee also applies. Couples nights are held every Saturday, and other events happen throughout the week. Check out www.leboudoir.club for more information.

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The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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Love hearing a woman’s perspective on this. Thanks for your honest account and i completely agree about the kissing aspect and the uncertainty of it, being a sub etc. I would feel the same I’m sure.