Morning Cockwarming

cockwarming erotic bdsm story

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She feels me stirring on a Saturday morning. She’s been awake for a while, waiting. Once she knows I’m semi-conscious, she politely whispers in my ear “Daddy, may I suck your cock?”.

“Of course you may” I respond groggily.

She slides down under the duvet as I lay on my back, eyes closed. Her fingertips run up my inner thigh and then I feel her soft lips and wetness of her mouth engulf me. Her head rests on my tummy, her lion’s mane of hair drifting lazily behind her, running across me and the bed.

I roll over onto my side to provide her with a more comfortable position to hold me, her head able to rest on the soft white sheets as she lays in the fetal position. I mirror her higher up the bed, my crotch at her head level.

It’s the perfect position for me to continue dozing as she practises cockwarming, a technique usually used by dominant woman on submissive men where the penis is held erect inside their vagina or ass without any movement. It’s teasing, but not enough stimulation to make them come.

We’ve adapted it to suit her oral fixation and submissiveness.

She holds my cock in her mouth, gently sucking, no head movement, the way you’d slowly suck on an ice lolly on a hot summer’s day.

It’s partly arousing, partly relaxing, an interesting combination.

She enjoys it as a way to pacify, a simple task to provide focus and bring her into a mindful state or presence. As well as being a delightful way for her to demonstrate her willingness to please me of course.

I close my eyes and attempt to drift back into a slumber. But the feel of her tongue resting on my shaft, occasionally moving as she swallows or takes a gentle suck is making me hard.

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I lie there enjoying the sensations, unmoving.

The sucking continues…

I can’t help but move my hips now, slowly sliding in and out of her mouth.

I lift one leg up and reposition it over her body, pulling her closer to me and her mouth further down my growing shaft.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

She’s learning well, able to take me without gagging or choking any more.

The practise is paying off.

Ten minutes pass.

My sleepiness has crossed into horniness. I want an orgasm but the stimulation isn’t enough to get me there.

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I need more.

I withdraw, leaving a string of saliva trailing from the tip of my cock to the edge of her lips.

I command her to lay on her back.

I move on top and enter her. I use her delicate pussy for my pleasure, a fuck toy for the sole purpose of getting me off.

It isn’t long before I climax, filling her with my cum.

We spoon and doze.

Another cockwarming slave training session completed.

She’s such a good girl.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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Passive, obedient… doing what her Dom asks and expects of her. She also is rewarded for herb obedience, he can’t help himself and needs to finish off, rolling underneath until he uses her body emptying his release….


in communicating with the master, the main thing is to be able to dissolve into his desires and be able to anticipate the desires of the master and then the slave will understand her essence and the essence of his master, that’s when you need to be able to do cockwarming. This is not only a sign of submission and gratitude, but also the expectation that the owner will pay attention to you, get excited, fuck the slave and give her the most important thing he can give


Ah, interesting. Will have to try that position – we use cock warming more in the evening, than the morning, but Missy quickly gets a dead arm – so ending the session….


Dead arms are definitely a hurdle with cockwarming!