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Feeld x Crossbreed Social Review

There were far more people there than I anticipated. Despite arriving at 6.50pm for the 7pm talk, the room was already at club levels of business. I pushed through the crowd to get a drink before doing a quick lap in the hope of spotting the couple of people who had messaged me earlier in the day to let me know they would be attending.

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How I Discover Kink Events in London

There are probably more kink events happening in London than you realise. I want to show a few ways I look for upcoming kink events, be that talks, workshops or full-blown parties.

Better sex with fantasy and taboo

Better Sex With Fantasy and Taboo Review

Heading into Hoxton Square on a damp October Monday night I was excited at the prospect of breaking away from the normality of office chit-chat, and entering an environment where discussing sex and sexuality with open-minded people was encouraged.