Le Boudoir Review: What’s it Like Attending as a Submissive Woman?

BDSM equipment in Le Boudoir Club's dungeon in London. Perfect for a Dom to play with his sub in front of an audience

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Waiting to be buzzed in at a nondescript door near midnight, black dress, hold-ups and high heels under my coat, I am slightly disappointed a secret knock isn’t required for our admittance. Nevertheless, my night at Le Boudoir club begins with a feeling of alluring mystery.

The predominate thought running through my head during the silent Uber pool ride over to its secret location in central London: “I am on my way to a sex club, and no one can tell.” It all feels quite naughty – cue crossed legs.

The door opens into a pink-lit reception, where my Dom (read his review of the night), and I are greeted by a woman of whom I’m instantly envious for her very fetching fishnet bodysuit which accentuates her visible breasts beautifully (I learn on the way out it’s Ann Summers – added to my wishlist!).

My first impression of Le Boudoir club is both that of a welcoming staff and inviting atmosphere, a feeling which continues upon entering the common area, where a few dozen people in the low light relax and chat around the arrangement of sofas, small dance floor (and pole), and bar counter.

Led through the group to a locker room in the back, I’m instructed to remove my dress

Led through the group to a locker room in the back, I’m instructed to remove my dress before continuing on a quick tour of the space in my black lingerie. While the men in the club are smartly dressed for the most part, the women seem to be in various states of dress, from cocktail attire to lingerie, so I feel pretty comfortable stripping down to my underwear and stockings on an order.

Occupying three floors with rooms of various purposes, I like the layout of the club, even if I may not be paying much attention to my surroundings (this is only my second time stepping foot in a club of any kind, it’s a lot to take in!) Admittedly, I may be a bit distracted imagining different scenarios after briefly visiting the the dungeon space on the bottom floor…

Back in the common area, we grab some drinks from the bar and find a sofa to sit and relax (if there are ever places where it is acceptable to openly people watch, surely a sex/swingers club is high on the list).

Le Boudoir club's dance floor
The Le Boudoir club dance floor and sofas to meet and chat with other kinky couples. Image credit: leboudoir.club.

The music playing overhead this night, well, it’s hit and miss, but at least it’s at a comfortable volume where I don’t feel a need to shout. A few couples are dancing out on the floor, and there are two women trying their hand at the pole. Maybe one day I’ll have the upper body and core strength the do the same but tonight I content myself to just watch.

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Sensational Scenes

How to heighten arousal, induce Subspace, and have mind-blowing sexual experiences.

Though it’s my first visit here, it seems to me a slower night at Le Boudoir – perhaps a lingering, post-holiday tightening of belts? Whatever the reason, there aren’t so few people as to make it awkward and everyone seems to be having an enjoyable time. I do wonder how easy it is to meet people here if one is in any way shy or timid (I’ve settled very comfortably in our corner sofa myself). 

Thankfully I don’t have much time to worry about this as my partner has spotted a reserved looking couple near the bar to invite over for a chat. I’m interested to get to know more people, and having previously discussed different boundaries a bit before coming to the club I’m intrigued at the prospect of playing in some aspect with others.

After some inevitable stilted conversation of new acquaintances, and for me multiple trips across the room to the bar to refill my partner’s drink (and display his sub to the room I suspect a bit) we are invited to explore some more of the rooms as a group. 

I face the wall and arch out my backside while my Dom secures my wrists into cuffs

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

The dungeon is busier now, but luckily for our small group the padded wall with cuffs is unoccupied. Paying no mind to the room behind me I face the wall and arch out my backside while my Dom secures my wrists into cuffs to either side and a bit above my head.

Spread out like this I’m reminded of my spanking at Klub Verboten a few weeks prior, and I try my best to keep from squirming too much. I really, really like this position, and everything it allows. I’m sure something is being said behind me, but I’m already sinking into my head a bit (probably the beginnings of subspace) and only really register hands – gripping my hair, petting my thighs, pinching my nipples – and the spanks to my ass.

My partner pulls my head back a couple times to make sure I’m ok (yes, please, keep going!) and after a short play brings me down from the restraints. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I certainly enjoyed my dungeon play. 

From the Le Boudoir club dungeon, we then take the stairs to the group room on the upper floor where several couples are already playing with each other on the multiple beds in the space. We make our way over to an unoccupied bed in a corner and proceed to undress in front of each other.

Climbing onto the bed, the woman leans forward to kiss me – I’ve not kissed another woman before so it takes some getting used to, especially how small she feels next to me (also, she’s not doing much – am I supposed to take charge here? Because that’s a terrible idea to this submissive!).

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Regardless, it feels a bit odd kissing her back, so I break it off to focus my attention back to my partner (the other man tries to kiss me as well, but something about that is off-putting so I quickly draw back and he returns to his partner).

To me, kissing has always been an intimate thing – I can count the people I’ve kissed on one hand – so to start kissing two people that I’ve only just met and have only exchanged a few dozen words with feels rather strange. However I can see how, given the right person (that I get along with and am attracted to, and who is more dominant than myself), I could enjoy a cheeky makeout with another woman – though I think I still prefer kissing men. 

Anyway, the playtime continues with some casual stroking going on between couples (well, between the women at least) until eventually the other couple gets up and moves on to another area of the room, and, well, I don’t miss them when they’re gone.

While conceptually it’s hot having sex knowing someone may be watching, next to another couple or in a room full of people, without being aware of the others’ boundaries or desires and without having more guidance myself, I get so caught up in my thoughts – wondering what I’m supposed to be doing, what the other people may want me to do, how they may be feeling – that I struggle to fully submerse myself in the moment.

Really this experience confirms to me even more how far I fall on the submissive side of the power spectrum: I crave the order and authority that comes from a dominant partner, and if other people or partners are added to the mix they need to realise that I’ll be looking to my Dom for permission and direction for my actions because I naturally defer to him in my submission.

Playing with other partners is a really appealing fantasy, and I certainly would like to try it again with the right people.

For tonight however, my Dom and I return to the Le Boudoir club locker room. I slip my underwear back on and straighten my stockings, zip up my dress and shrug on my coat before we head out into the night to await another Uber pool ride.

In the dark car you can be certain the thought running through my head: “I’ve just been to a sex club, and no one can tell.” I don’t think this is the last time I will visit Le Boudoir… there’s something about it all feeling quite naughty – cue crossed legs.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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What happens if you the submissive visits one of these kinky parties and doesn’t want to join in with others but your dominant does.Will the submissive be punished when you arrive home? I think that would be unfair and too harsh .Also what annoying habits does your partner have and how do you deal with them and what happens if they continue to do them?