Klub Verboten Non-Members January Party Review

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What’s it like as a couple attending a fetish party such as Klub Verboten? Is it hardcore? What’s the atmosphere? Do people have sex? Read on to find out.

It’s 11.30pm and my date and I arrive outside the Electroworz in Angel on a cold Friday evening in January. It’s early (in clubbing terms, given the event finishes at 6am) and there’s no queue.

We head straight to the door, and are asked to prove just how kinky we are. By that I mean we are told to show what fetish outfits we’ll be wearing once inside.

This is Klub Verboten, a German techno scene inspired fetish event which has been gathering momentum in the past few years, seen as the more ‘intense’ version of Torture Garden (TG).

Unlike TG, you have to apply for membership of Klub Verboten and are vetted at social events (munches) before you can attend a main party event.

Although my application is pending, tonight is a special non-members night, so anyone can attend, as long as they prove they are comfortable wearing fetish gear.

Klub Verboten Fetish Party
The website for Klub Verboten sold out of tickets early.

Once through security we enter the labyrinth that is Electroworkz. It’s my fourth time to the venue and I still have no idea how all the rooms connect. We pile into a disabled loo and strip naked, unpacking bags containing our outfits.

I keep it simple, as fetish wear doesn’t really do it for me (and is bloody expensive to boot). A pair of black latex shorts with two zips down the front which when undone, cause a front flap of fabric to flop down, allowing easy access to my cock. Handy at these types of events. And a leather chest harness.

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I’ve already instructed her that no underwear is allowed, and she’s dutifully obeyed.

My play partner (and slave for the night) has invested in a black, short, shiny PVC dress, with a hole revealing one half of each of her breasts. I’ve already instructed her that no underwear is allowed, and she’s dutifully obeyed.

The dress has a high collar with front buckle that allows me to attach a chain (which I do) so I can lead her around. I also make her put in some weighted love eggs for extra sensation during the night. Her ass remains empty, as she’s still being trained anally and a small enough plug for her to wear is on its way in the post.

Finally, I take a black sharpie marker pen and write “Daddy’s Property” across the exposed areas of her breasts. Suffice to say I’m already mildly aroused at this point.

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After leaving the toilet and checking our bags into the cloakroom, we begin exploring the venue. It’s dark, and the concrete walled rooms and corridors are chilly until more bodies arrive to warm it up. We walk through the main techno room, where the dance floor is just getting going, with a handful of ravers enjoying the pulsing beat.

We continue on through rooms with bars, where couples and smaller groups are engaged in conversation. Nothing all that kinky is happening yet.

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The guys are fairly covered up in standard black latex or PVC shorts, long trousers, t-shirts or topless.

The girls are mostly dressed in full lingerie (bras, g-strings showing plenty of bum, stockings, suspenders and garter belts). I see one group of such ladies, one of them leading a collared man in a gimp mask. No one bats an eyelid, including myself, as such things sights are common at these parties.

After more wandering we discovered the dungeon, a dark room with various play furniture around the edges. As it was still early there were only about 20 people there, milling around, but just chatting rather than playing. A man and woman engage in some light spanking.

I led my partner over to a bench and had her kneel on it, ass to the crowd. I pulled her dress up over her ass cheeks, her holes now on display for anyone who happened to glance over, with the plastic loop of the love eggs which were now buried deep inside her just slightly visible.

Submissive woman bent over and spanked by dominant man in suit
Spanking stock photo, not from the night. But still a mighty fine ass to give you an impression of what it was like.

We played for ten minutes or so, me alternating between whispering in her ear that people were watching, smacking her cheeks, and rubbing her vulva and clit. Just a little evening warmup.

Afterwards, we continued exploring the venue, spending time sitting on a sofa in one of the bars chatting, her with her hand in my shorts on my cock, and me rubbing between her legs, her dress having ridden up when she sat down, once again exposing her wetness to any onlookers in the bar.

The light cast a perfect silhouette of her body onto the wall with such clarity you could make out every curve, including the lips between her legs.

Eventually we found another dungeon, where I tied her standing to a frame with cuffs and spanked her with my hand and a conveniently placed riding crop, which left some bruises. What was lovely about this dungeon was a projection of lights onto the wall. As she was between it and the wall, the light cast a perfect silhouette of her body onto the wall with such clarity you could make out every curve, including the lips between her legs which were spread wide. Her back was again towards the crowd so she couldn’t see what was going on, but a few people were looking at what we were up to.

At the other end of the room a man was getting whipped and teased by a woman, which was attracting far more attention than us!

After I untied her, I requested she kneel down and I held her head and stroked her hair. Not really sexual, but good aftercare and made her feel relaxed and a little bit of subspace. We did get a few more looks at this point. I think people either thought she was going down on me or we were about to start some sort of performance.

After ten minutes of hair stroking and relaxing, it was time for her to be put to use, and I unzipped my shorts for her to take me in her mouth. We’ve been experimenting with cock-warming, a practise whereby she uses by member as a pacifier, gentle holding it in her mouth and focussing on being present and calm. We did this for a few minutes.

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My date told me afterwards this was one of her favourite parts of the evening, and she left a pool of wetness on the ground where she had been kneeling as proof.

After a quick drink break, we made our way back through the labyrinth to the first dungeon, which was now slightly busier. A sex swing took my fancy so my date was instructed to lie in it with her legs hoisted up in stirrups, exposing her for the third time that night (the joy of short dresses with no underwear..).

I ran my hand between her legs, this time helping her orgasm for the first time that night. There was a guy lurking a little close for my liking who was enjoying the show, but other than that, no one paid much attention to our exploits.

Finally I decided I wanted some action, so after lifting her out of the chair, she got on her knees and took me in her mouth. Then she stood up, placed her hands on the wall and bent forward as I took her from behind. We positioned ourselves near the door leading in to the dungeon, so everyone coming in got greeted with a pleasant sight.

A couple of women stopped to view the action (always hotter than single guys watching). I considered asking them to join in somehow, but didn’t quite know what they could do beside give my partner a few slaps on the arse, so I left it.

Another couple assumed the same position next to us, but with the guy against the wall and his female partner flogging him. Behind us another women was squatting, enjoying giving her reclining partner a blowjob.

By this point it was around 2am, and despite it still being early in kink terms, after a long day at work and having tested all the rooms, we called it a night.

Would I go back to Klub Verboten? Yes.

Did I think it was more extreme than Torture Garden? No.

I’d been led to believe Klub Verboten was more extreme, but if I’d been teleported in to the middle of either event by aliens, I would not have been able to distinguish between the two. I appreciate it was a non-members night, and the smaller, more intimate members’ nights are probably different. Unless my membership is accepted, I’ll never know.

Would I recommend Klub Verboten to couples? Yes, if you have an open mind. You need to be comfortable with naked flesh and open to multiple sexual orientations and kinks.

As mentioned earlier, the fetish aspect of the night doesn’t do it for me. Everyone in lingerie or suits or party dresses would be even more sexy to me (ala Killing Kittens) but it does ensure everyone is up for a good time.

I would have also preferred to go as a group. Although I spotted someone I’d met previously and had a few conversations with him, we didn’t speak to anyone else all night. That’s probably just me though. Everyone seemed friendly enough and I’m sure conversation would have been had. In my experience though I’ve got chatting to people more often at smaller events.

I’d also have enjoyed more of an orgy, with lots of people fucking together, like at Le Boudoir or the TG couples room. That’s hotter to me than a dungeon scene.

Nonetheless Klub Verboten was a fun night, and I enjoyed introducing my partner to this type of event. I’d definitely attend again.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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