What Being a Dominant REALLY Means

What being a Dom really means

Learn the art of submission: An online training program designed for beginner subs curious about BDSM and power play. Discover more.

When my partners first told me they were submissive and wanted me to dominate them, I didn’t know what they meant.

What does it REALLY mean to be a Dominant in a D/s dynamic?

Your first challenge as a beginner Dom is making sure you understand what good and bad looks like.

After that you can start to develop your own style of dominance.

In this brief guide I’ll be giving you highlights as to how to achieve both of those things, and some exercises to try.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Part 1: What does it mean to be a Dominant?

What is a Dominant?

Ultimately a ‘Dominant’ (or Dom for short) is just a label for someone who is in control of the sexual situation (referred to as a ‘scene’) they are in.

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The counterpart to a Dom is the submissive (sub for short) – someone who enjoys being on the receiving end of the Dom’s control.

The sub CHOOSES to give the gift of their submission to a Dom that they trust. The Dom does not TAKE it from the sub. And the sub has the right to TAKE BACK their submission from the Dom at ANY time.

Doms and subs can be either gender. There are plenty of submissive men who enjoy dominant women, and there are plenty of submissive women who enjoy dominant men.

What makes a GOOD Dominant?

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

I believe to be a GOOD Dominant you need these two fundamental qualities:

  1. You must ALWAYS give and get consent. Never do anything to anyone without their permission.
  2. You should genuinely care about the welfare of the person you are interacting with, and make every attempt to ensure THEY are getting as much out of the interaction as you are.

If you do these things, and you enjoy being in control of a sexual situation, then CONGRATULATIONS – you are already well ahead of other people who think they are Doms.

EXERCISE: Read 7 Ways to Spot a Fake Dom so you know what BAD Dom behaviour looks like.

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Why be a Dom?

Only you can answer the question of WHY you want to be a Dom.

Perhaps it is to overcome trauma. Perhaps it’s because you want an outlet for your aggression in a controlled manner. Perhaps knowing you can give someone else pleasure makes you feel validated. Perhaps it’s because you love your partner and he or she NEEDS you go become more dominant to fulfill their desires. 

It doesn’t really matter, as long as you aren’t doing it for reasons which would be morally questionable.

What are some mistakes beginner Doms make?

Common mistakes I see beginner Doms making are:

  • Thinking being a Dom is what you see in 50 Shades of Grey or pornography
  • Manipulating others to get what they want
  • Taking their subs for granted, and always taking, never giving
  • Communicating poorly with their subs, and not getting consent
  • Trying to dominate someone they barely know
  • Never considering the feelings of their submissive
  • Thinking a Dom HAS to wear leather or PVC or play in a dungeon

If you notice any of these in yourself, stop.

EXERCISE: Read 5 Basic Mistakes Beginner Dominants Make (and What to Do Instead).

Part 2: Developing YOUR style of dominance

Now that you have a high level understanding of what a Dominant is and what good and bad looks like, the next step is figuring out what style of Dominant YOU want to be. 

My style of dominance

My personal style of dominance is sensual and nurturing.

I enjoy:

  • Nurturing others so both people are getting a benefit from the interaction
  • Listening to their fantasies and helping make them a reality
  • Mixing the physical aspects of sensual touch with elements of psychological pressure and power play

I don’t enjoy:

  • Inflicting pain on others
  • A dynamic with no cuddles or laughter 
  • A solemn, high-protocol approach

There’s nothing wrong with being a Dom who DOES like the above, it’s just not MY style.

And you don’t HAVE to adopt my style of caring dominance either. 

Remember what I said in part 1 – being a Dom is really just about being in control of the scene. 

How that plays out in YOUR dynamic is up to you (provided you follow the golden rules of getting consent and ensuring your sub enjoys what you do together). 

The world of Dom/sub relationships is incredibly varied. 

What types of Dom are there?

Although labels can be risky, I do think it helps to explore some of the common styles of Dom that exist. 

But don’t think these are the only type of Dom. Remember, it’s up to YOU to create your own unique style of dominance.

  • Rigger Dominant who enjoys rope bondage
  • Owner Dominant who enjoys pet play
  • Master Dominant who enjoys service-orientated submission
  • Sadist Dominant who enjoys inflicting pain
  • Daddy Dominant who enjoys taking care of someone or age-play
  • Financial Dominant who likes to control the other person’s money
  • Romantic Dominant who takes a more sensual approach
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And many more!

How can I find out my style?

Good question.

Your style of dominance will be influenced by:

  • The type of submissive you interact with 
  • Your personality and what resonates with you 
  • How much experience you have 

Figuring this stuff out takes time. Don’t expect to know your style of dominance right away.

To get started on this journey I recommend you:

  • Take a BDSM test such as the one at BDSMtest.org. This will help you narrow down your areas of interest and give you a nice graphic to share with others. 
  • Complete a sex menu. This will help you figure out in more depth what your sexual ‘must-haves’ are in a Dom sub dynamic.
  • Think back to experiences you’ve had in the past, the articles on this site you’re drawn to, and the fantasies you have. That’ll give you yet more clues to help uncover you style of dominance. 

Exercise: Take the test at BDSMtest.org and paste your results below!

Summing up

Let’s summarise what you’ve learned. You now know:

  • A Dominant is simply a label for a man or woman who enjoys being in control of a situation. The situation may or may not be sexual. 
  • A good Dominant always gets and gives consent, and has a fundamental level of care for the person they are interacting with.
  • Beyond that, the role of a Dominant can be whatever you want it to be. You must work to develop your own style of dominance through exploration and self-reflection.

Don’t forget to complete the exercises. Reading alone won’t make you a better Dom. You must put these ideas into practice.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
94% Dominant
79% Rigger
78% Experimentalist
73% Master/Mistress
60% Brat tamer
53% Vanilla
50% Owner
34% Switch
31% Sadist
31% Daddy/Mommy
27% Primal (Hunter)
21% Voyeur
14% Degrader
11% Exhibitionist
3% Non-monogamist
0% Ageplayer


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
96% Voyeur
94% Rigger
94% Exhibitionist
86% Dominant
86% Sadist
85% Daddy/Mommy
83% Degrader
78% Switch
78% Brat tamer
76% Owner
71% Master/Mistress
69% Non-monogamist
66% Experimentalist
64% Primal (Hunter)
64% Ageplayer
63% Vanilla


== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
95% Non-monogamist 
93% Voyeur 
89% Dominant 
87% Rigger 
79% Experimentalist 
70% Sadist 
61% Master/Mistress 
60% Switch 
54% Brat tamer 
42% Exhibitionist 
37% Submissive 
35% Owner 
35% Vanilla 
34% Primal (Hunter) 
29% Primal (Prey) 
23% Rope bunny 
20% Brat 
11% Daddy/Mommy 
5% Masochist 
4% Degrader 
0% Pet 
0% Slave 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Degradee 
0% Ageplayer 

Skyler samples

100% Dominant
100% Master/Mistress
86% Rigger
85% Experimentalist
79%. Brat tamer
72% Owner
69% Sadist
69% Primal (Hunter)
65% Exhibitionist
62% Vanilla
59% Daddy/Mommy
51% Ageplayer
41% Non-monogamist
33% Voyeur
22% Degrader
7% Switch


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
89% Voyeur
78% Switch
78% Rigger
74% Master/Mistress
67% Primal (Hunter)
67% Dominant
59% Non-monogamist
58% Sadist
55% Experimentalist
47% Brat tamer
43% Vanilla
40% Degrader
38% Submissive
26% Masochist
25% Owner
24% Rope bunny
24% Exhibitionist
23% Primal (Prey)
17% Slave
12% Brat
0% Boy/Girl
0% Pet
0% Degradee
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Ageplayer


Results Summary (taken 2022-03-10)



More info



More info



More info



More info



More info


Brat tamer

More info



More info


Primal (Hunter)

More info



More info



More info



More info


Sadist Slave

More info

DEVINE Non-monogamist


More info


More info



More info



More info



More info

ARE 7%

REATO Degrader

More info



More info


Rope bunny

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== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Dominant
98% Rigger
94% Degrader
90% Master/Mistress
89% Experimentalist
83% Owner
79% Brat tamer
78% Primal (Hunter)
78% Sadist
77% Daddy/Mommy
74% Voyeur
37% Exhibitionist
31% Non-monogamist
29% Ageplayer
23% Rope bunny
22% Vanilla
6% Slave
6% Masochist
5% Primal (Prey)
4% Pet
0% Boy/Girl
0% Submissive
0% Switch
0% Brat
0% Degradee


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Switch
99% Voyeur
95% Experimentalist
87% Brat
82% Master/Mistress
81% Dominant
76% Submissive
76% Vanilla
71% Exhibitionist
68% Rope bunny
67% Slave
59% Rigger
57% Non-monogamist
43% Brat tamer
38% Primal (Hunter)
35% Owner
26% Primal (Prey)
15% Pet
11% Daddy/Mommy
10% Degradee
5% Sadist
4% Degrader
0% Masochist
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
87% Switch
78% Rigger
76% Dominant
74% Vanilla
67% Sadist
65% Masochist
64% Experimentalist
61% Rope bunny
53% Master/Mistress
48% Submissive
46% Brat tamer
40% Brat
36% Owner
29% Voyeur
26% Primal (Hunter)
25% Primal (Prey)
15% Degrader
11% Exhibitionist
9% Daddy/Mommy
3% Degradee
1% Slave
1% Pet
0% Non-monogamist
0% Boy/Girl
0% Ageplayer


== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
79% Master/Mistress 
78% Owner 
66% Ageplayer 
65% Rigger 
63% Sadist 
62% Pet 
56% Masochist 
44% Vanilla 
41% Dominant 
39% Submissive 
37% Experimentalist 
31% Rope bunny 
30% Slave 
29% Primal (Prey) 
28% Brat tamer 
25% Primal (Hunter) 
24% Non-monogamist 
24% Voyeur 
18% Daddy/Mommy 
10% Degrader 
7% Switch 
0% Brat 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Degradee 
0% Exhibitionist 


I was going to post my results but can’t find where to 😚

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== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
98% Dominant 
94% Master/Mistress 
86% Rigger 
77% Daddy/Mommy 
60% Brat tamer 
59% Vanilla 
56% Owner 
56% Voyeur 
53% Experimentalist 
44% Exhibitionist 


100%Rigger I enjoy being in control and having a partner rendered useless in a compromising or otherwise artful and appreciative way is a huge power trip and turn on for me and long as they enjoy letting go of that control and giving it to me. I feed off a partners energy and if my partner doesn’t enjoy what I am doing it becomes boring. I get excitement and enjoyment only as long as my partner feels enjoyment and excitement.

100%Switch I can never be dominant 100% percent of the time or in all areas of life all the time. It is stressful and draining. I need an occasional escape and tension release by letting go someone I love and trust. I can only give up control in a scenario I am comfortable with. I may be comfortable one time with the scenario, but another time it can trigger past trauma. Being really submissive is a big part of my nature in some ways but in others, I used to yearn for submission but now I get anxiety and triggered by it. Doesn’t mean I don’t still want some of those types of submission, just only when I know I am able to handle it and feel safe in the control of someone I love and trust.

100%Mommy (when I build a close and vulnerable bond with trust with someone I tend to care a lot about the person I developed the bond with. I would definitely say I am nurturing and love to lavish affection on a partner regardless of whether they are my Dom or my sub.

95%Primal (Hunter) I enjoy the feeling of being so turned on by someone that I want them so badly I feel like a wild feral animal in heat ready and rearing to go for an instinctual and sensual mating session fueled by utter sexual urge/desire and desperation for release and instinctual expressions of affection. I like tenderness and aggressiveness in various ways and it can be very intense. The longer it is drawn out the more satisfying it will be. No need to rush even if it feels rushed from desperation. I like taking things slow and taking my time. This is especially great if out in nature where we won’t be caught by others or feel threatened by local wildlife predators. Preferably near natural water like a stream, a waterfall, a lake or a warm water spring in a cave.

89%Owner I like the idea that someone would want to belong to me and trust me that much. Also, I think it’s sexy for someone to submit to me and go into a cage.

89%Dominant As a woman, I enjoy feeling seen and heard and being respected. Having an avenue where this is the dynamic is extremely healing and can make me feel safe. Especially when I have been treated quite poorly in almost every workplace and I have even been raped. When I am heard and not dismissed or belittled or invalidated, I feel like I matter to someone and am therefore very loyal and motivated to making sure they feel they matter too. I also feel like I am being violated or assaulted sometimes when I am feeling like someone is treating me like I am inconsequential. I get turned on when someone does what I ask them to do. I am a very considerate person and have strong empathy and therefore have strong feelings to control and serve another, but I don’t want to give and not benefit. I can too easily be taken advantage of. This is my downfall.

84%Voyeur I enjoy spaciousness and cleanliness and I enjoy it when someone is willing to help keep a space clean (especially if they wore a cute outfit for me to appreciate the very erotic view of them cleaning so I don’t have to do it all myself.). It makes me feel really relaxed and like someone sees my efforts and seeks to ease my stress levels. It is sexiest when someone asks me what they can take off my plate and how I want it done and executes the task accordingly as I watch. Makes me feel like someone really cares about me and knows that if they take tasks off my plate, I have more free time to spend with them. I also like it when a partner dances for me or does anything for me I find sexy just so I can appreciate the view.

83%Girl Sometimes, when I am in pain, I revert to a childlike mindset. Comes from really bad migraines. Helps me feel less pain somehow. I would also like being guided and feeling supported which is something I’ve never had but always needed. My actual parents suck at this. Because I have an anxiety disorder, which has only gotten worse from being raped and from workplace abuse, sometimes I need someone who can help me get through difficult things and make me feel like I’m not alone. My parents instead tear me down and make me feel worthless and have even stated that they wish they never had me. I want to feel cared for and looked after and like I’m worth something to someone. When I feel like I matter, I have more energy and I feel stronger and better able to take on any challenge I come across. I enjoy being nurtured. I don’t get this from anyone. It hurts everyday because this is something I really need and it hinders my ability to function as an adult. Is it so bad that I want someone to love and take care of me? I want to be spoiled and adored and have lots of quality time with someone who genuinely gives a damn about me and wants to help me succeed and do my best in life.

82%Mistress I know how difficult it is to feel unsafe and like the home life is unstable especially when living with very discouraging people. I enjoy being an encouraging and uplifting person. I like creating a space for people to feel at ease around me…but I am also particular in the ways I want some things done. I enjoy obedience.

80%Rope bunny Being tied up is sexy as all get-up. But ONLY if I really trust, love, and feel safe with my partner. Feeling uncomfortable while tied up is not a turn on and it is triggering for me. This is only something to be enjoyed. Bondage of many kinds turns me on and may serve to either sexually excite or really relax me and make me feel secure and sleepy. Other times it is just good fun and I’m totally up for being an utter goofball in ropes and other forms of bondage.

79%Submissive I like to follow a good communicator with confidence in areas I’m not so confident in. I need to be told what to do in some areas of my life because these areas are overwhelming for me. I also am very service oriented and like thinking of the people I love and being thoughtful in my actions and how I treat them. I need to grow in discipline. One day I want to take an etiquette course or 2 to help me be more respectful, and work on my own communication. I crave structure in the areas of my life I have a difficult time building structure in and someone to help me work successfully within the structure they create for me in these areas. Knowing that I do a good job is crucial. I don’t like feeling like a wallpaper. I want someone to recognize I care and that I exist and I matter by acknowledging a job well done. I like knowing I contribute to a better quality of life for someone. And I like feeling like someone cares about me when they see my work. In the workplace, I could try really hard to do a really good job in something that is difficult but someone else could get recognized and appreciated for a smaller less challenging task. This, when the norm, makes me feel like I don’t matter and what I contribute doesn’t matter. It is really hurtful. Workplaces say, “this is a service industry”, or even if it isn’t, “you get paid, what do you care”. This makes me feel worthless, taken-for-granted, and really hurt. I can get really depressed and feel super torn down if I fail my partner even if I tried my best or I am not feeling seen at all. I feel this way in the workplace too. It is a super unfulfilling feeling that makes me feel a complete lack of motivation and it can feel crippling. I love cooking and sewing and crocheting, etc. I like the idea that someone’s life is better because I was a part of it.

67%Experimentalist I have so many fantasies and I want to try so many things. I am hungry. And I am horny all the damn time. I masturbate more than once a day sometimes because I haven’t had a sexual partner since I was raped in the mid-2010’s. I crave sex and sexy adult fun all the time and want to explore my sexuality and my body and a partners body desperately. I also like trying new things outside of sex as well. I’m a military brat…comes with the territory. I love trying new foods, learning new skills, just new things in general as long as they aren’t destructive and wasteful to the planet—As an indigenous woman, this means a lot to me—nor going to compromise my health in ways I am not okay with. I love adventure in life in oh so many ways. I’ve always wanted to go bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing, have some survival training, take in person tour that teach about foraging, go sailing and learn how to sail…especially the Polynesian way, etc… I am a very curious person.

63%Masochist I enjoy pain…not abuse. I like being spanked a certain way and one of my biggest fantasies that I would love to enjoy is being flogged while hooked up to a St. Andrews Cross and when my back has been properly warmed up with moments of my flogging partner using their fingers to create sensations on my back hear and there in between gradually intensified flogging that intensify every time they pause to touch me as the blood going to the surface of my skin makes the area more sensitive. Then I want to be whipped to my limit and be able to zone out in sub space and enjoy the ecstasy as my partner whips me a little longer and then lovingly takes me down and holds me securely, maybe in a warm blanket if I need it. And kisses my skin everywhere as I relax in the sub space state and slowly come out of it possibly falling asleep in the process but still never feeling alone. Preferably always having at least a little bit of physical contact from my partner to know I haven’t been left alone. I would still sense it whilst asleep. I may also need something to drink. Once in sub space, I may enjoy my partner massaging my holes with their dick and/or some toys or licking, sucking, massaging my vulva with their mouth and tongue and fingers. I like the idea of a partner I am fully committed to cumming inside me. I feel it is part of my purpose somehow. Part of my being to want their cum inside me and it is very fulfilling. Like I am somehow complete. I love that they would leave a part of themself inside of me that if I were to put on my panties, I could take this part of them with me like a badge of honor, a symbol of contentment, commitment, and sense of belonging. Like I am claimed by them just as I claim them. We belong to and with each other. Maybe when they are done however, they take me to the bathroom and clean me and hold me and pamper me. When I am myself again, I would of course like to have them cum in my mouth too as they watch. This is my biggest fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled. Pain-wise, I also like nipple clamps, and electric stimulation in lightly painful ways. I love my ass being trapped and spread apart in a way that hurts slightly. I like a little pain from my holes being stretched and filled.

62%Primal (Prey) I like being the prey if it is flirty and playful and full of humor. It turns me on. I’m a total goofball and love it. I like being around people who are goofy too. Also, a lot of what I said under Primal(Hunter) applies to this but just taking on a different role…and mostly not always to resist and try to escape and get away but to enjoy getting caught and accept it while looking forward to the natural progression of what is gonna happen next. Super hot!

61%Sadist I enjoy inflicting a little discomfort or pain. I don’t enjoy cruelty. If they enjoy something that would be cruel to one person but is satisfying and enjoyable to them, then as long as they enjoy it, so I will too. Consent would regularly be confirmed especially for this one.

48%Degrader This is only something I would enjoy if someone asked me to do this and wants this and would thoroughly enjoy this. I would never do this except in very light ways unless I knew the person desires to be degraded and humiliated.

47%Slave Handing over control to a Master in areas I don’t excel would help me focus less time on it and focus more time on improving me and my masters quality of life through thoughtful and observant servitude, going above and beyond my Masters demands in thoughtful and giving ways, if I can and have the time. Things I am not good at can take more time for me than really should be spent which makes me feel stupid and like I have wasted time I wish I could have had for something else productive. I would feel relief if I don’t have to worry about it so much anymore as long as I am aware of the results my Master achieves. I’m kind of a homemaker type of person so being 1950’s housewife type slave would really work for me.

44%Brat In my family, being called a brat is a form of claiming familial attachment to one another and well as a label to be proud of and gladly admit to. Being bratty occasionally is part of enjoying life. Having someone to enjoy being bratty with makes life even more better. I love being lovingly teased and pestered in endearing and charming ways by a man who is gentle and tender but also big and strong. I don’t want to be with someone who would use their strength against me in scary ways so this sort of playfulness helps put me at ease.

41%Pet I don’t mind the pet owner dynamic but I don’t want to crawl on the floor or eat out of a doggy dish on the floor. But being fed and adored and cared for is appealing. If I am to get in a cage, I would want them to join me because I wouldn’t want to be alone and also it is potentially very sexy. Sex cage anyone?

40%Ageplayer I am typically attracted to men older than me but not necessarily older men. Otherwise, see Girl. I enjoy someone who is mature in who they are…not really in their age though. I like near my age but behaves like I am able to respect and tolerate them. If they are too young age-wise or lack maturity, I am completely turn-off and put-off by them, I would cringe, feel like I am crawling in my skin and feel general sense of dis-ease and lack of security. I need someone I can lean on from time to time and feel like they can and know how to handle it.

38%Vanilla To me, this has it’s place. But only when it is passionate not robotic and boring. Ugh! How uncomfortable and awkward. I need to really be into my partner for this one to be really enjoyable…and I mean attracted to who they are, not just their body. The soul that inhabits the body has more weight on my attraction than the body itself but I need to be attracted to both enough to enjoy sex in any way.

37%Brat tamer I do enjoy playfully putting someone in their place.

5%Non-monogamist I do enjoy thoughts of double penetration, but I do not want more than one partner.

0%Degradee This is triggering for me so absolutely not!

0%Exhibitionist Only in privacy of personal space and with partner admiring me as I go about my day at home in sexy outfit…or along these lines. Not for others view. I’m up for learning pole dancing and other sexy activities that my partner would enjoy watching me perform for them and only them.

This is my list! Learned a lot about myself with this list and realized I am more submissive than I thought…I knew it but never fully processed it. Probably because I’ve been condition to repress this part of me. Might be one of the reasons why I have so much anxiety every day. I am interested in exploring more of who I am in the realm of BDSM and how it reflects in me in my day to day life and my sexy sides too.

Thank you!
Cozy (Yes, this is actually my name)


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
91% Voyeur
90% Dominant
89% Rigger
88% Exhibitionist
87% Experimentalist
76% Master/Mistress
73% Switch
69% Rope bunny
69% Non-monogamist
52% Submissive


Dominant More info
Rigger More info
Sadist More info
Primal (Hunter) More info
Master/Mistress More info
Owner More info
Brat tamer More info
Daddy/Mommy More info
Degrader More info
Vanilla More info
Experimentalist More info
Voyeur More info
Slave More info
Non-monogamist More info
Masochist More info
Exhibitionist More info
Rope bunny More info
Degradee More info
Brat More info
Pet More info
Primal (Prey) More info
Boy/Girl More info
Submissive More info
Switch More info
Ageplayer More info


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rigger
98% Dominant
96% Voyeur
94% Master/Mistress
89% Sadist
84% Non-monogamist
81% Exhibitionist
75% Experimentalist
51% Brat tamer
50% Owner
48% Primal (Hunter)
44% Switch
23% Vanilla
12% Degrader
11% Daddy/Mommy
7% Submissive
2% Rope bunny
0% Ageplayer
0% Masochist
0% Brat
0% Pet
0% Primal (Prey)
0% Boy/Girl
0% Degradee
0% Slave


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
89% Dominant
82% Rigger
73% Voyeur
72% Master/Mistress
69% Owner
65% Brat tamer
65% Sadist
63% Primal (Hunter)
59% Experimentalist
58% Daddy/Mommy
49% Non-monogamist
47% Exhibitionist
41% Vanilla
40% Ageplayer
39% Boy/Girl
39% Masochist
38% Switch
37% Degrader
36% Primal (Prey)
34% Rope bunny
32% Submissive
29% Brat
24% Pet
17% Degradee
16% Slave


93% Switch
87% Voyeur
86% Exhibitionist
78% Experimentalist
66% Dominant
65% Rigger
64% Primal (Hunter)
58% Rope bunny
57% Vanilla
55% Ageplayer
49% Daddy/Mommy
48% Submissive
42% Brat tamer
27% Primal (Prey)
22% Non-monogamist
22% Sadist
22% Masochist
21% Degrader
17% Boy/Girl
13% Owner
13% Pet
10% Brat
10% Slave
9% Master/Mistress
9% Degradee


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
96% Voyeur
95% Masochist
94% Switch
87% Submissive
82% Rope bunny
82% Experimentalist
82% Degradee
76% Brat
74% Slave
72% Primal (Prey)
71% Non-monogamist
68% Exhibitionist
64% Pet
40% Dominant
14% Vanilla
10% Primal (Hunter)
8% Rigger
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Sadist
0% Owner
0% Master/Mistress
0% Boy/Girl
0% Degrader
0% Brat tamer
0% Ageplayer


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
87% Dominant
84% Experimentalist
84% Brat tamer
83% Rigger
80% Owner
77% Master/Mistress
73% Switch
70% Primal (Hunter)
59% Degrader
59% Non-monogamist
57% Brat
56% Submissive
55% Voyeur
54% Sadist
52% Slave
52% Vanilla
45% Exhibitionist
42% Primal (Prey)
36% Rope bunny
36% Masochist
32% Pet
29% Daddy/Mommy
27% Degradee
22% Boy/Girl
17% Ageplayer


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
98% Dominant
82% Master/Mistress
72% Rigger
60% Primal (Hunter)
58% Brat tamer
58% Vanilla
53% Degrader
45% Experimentalist
45% Owner
34% Switch
32% Voyeur
30% Daddy/Mommy
27% Sadist
22% Exhibitionist
21% Non-monogamist
20% Primal (Prey)
12% Submissive
10% Rope bunny
10% Ageplayer
3% Degradee
1% Pet
0% Slave
0% Boy/Girl
0% Brat
0% Masochist


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
92% Experimentalist
84% Switch
58% Dominant
56% Master/Mistress
43% Submissive
42% Vanilla
39% Voyeur
37% Non-monogamist
32% Rope bunny
28% Brat tamer
23% Rigger
17% Owner
15% Slave
11% Exhibitionist
7% Brat
6% Masochist
5% Primal (Hunter)
3% Degrader
3% Sadist
1% Pet
0% Ageplayer
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Degradee
0% Boy/Girl
0% Primal (Prey)


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
90% Vanilla
89% Dominant
75% Primal (Hunter)
71% Rigger
60% Brat tamer
55% Master/Mistress
49% Exhibitionist
45% Experimentalist
35% Owner
32% Voyeur
27% Masochist
17% Sadist
13% Switch
11% Degrader
10% Daddy/Mommy
9% Submissive
6% Pet
5% Non-monogamist
3% Slave
0% Ageplayer
0% Brat
0% Degradee
0% Boy/Girl
0% Primal (Prey)
0% Rope bunny


== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
96% Dominant 
84% Rigger 
78% Sadist 
75% Brat tamer 
68% Degrader 
66% Vanilla 
62% Primal (Hunter) 
52% Master/Mistress 
39% Owner 
39% Exhibitionist 
36% Voyeur 
30% Daddy/Mommy 
30% Experimentalist 
27% Switch 
22% Masochist 
20% Primal (Prey) 
12% Submissive 
10% Brat 
8% Ageplayer 
2% Rope bunny 
0% Degradee 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Non-monogamist 
0% Pet 
0% Slave