Tied to a Chair and Made to Serve

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We are still in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here in London we’re allowed to belong to one ‘support bubble’.

Fortunately I chose wisely, and formed a ‘kinky support bubble’ with Moineau (we don’t live together) because no sex for a month didn’t sound very fun. What the hell would I write about otherwise?

I know a lot of you kinky sods out there are interested in creating better D/s relationships, so I hope sharing what I get up to with my sub will give you a sense of what real-life dom sub dynamics are like.

Let’s start somewhere in the middle.

Moineau is kneeling on my blue velvet lounge chair, her forearms resting on the back of it, knees on the seat, bum perfectly positioned, facing me as I stand behind her.

We’d been figuring out some positions to show you in my upcoming now released Rope Bondage for Kinky Couples online video course, and gotten a bit carried away.

Moineau and I have a long standing fantasy of her being tied up naked to something (coffee table, chair, dining room, table, I haven’t decided) during a dinner party.

I would invite some of my friends over (naturally informing them of the situation and allowing them to consent to the evening, rather than throwing them into in blind). It would be just like a regular dinner party. The one difference is Moineau would be there to serve…and be used.

I may write more about this fantasy another time, or when it finally becomes a reality (lockdown and London flat square footage are ruining things a little right now).

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But I digress.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because I was wondering if tying her to the lounge chair would be a suitable position. Was it comfortable enough for her to remain in for long periods of time? Could I restrain her well enough to the arm rests? Would my dinner guest get a good view as they subtly gazed over between their mouthfuls of Gu Chocolate Desert and commentary on the English weather (yes – that’s English middleclass dinners in a nutshell right there).

So, with a length of 10m Jute rope I began experimenting.

I secured her legs, one to each chair arm (she was kneeling on it, remember?) with a double column tie around each ankle. Her hands had been bound already at the wrists, out in front of her with a second piece of rope. I took the trailing end of that and tied it to the back leg of the chair.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

In this position her legs were kept nicely apart, and her bum was at the perfect height for oh so many things. I slid her underwear to one side and massaged her, as well as teasing her with a few playful swots on the bum with my hand, and a pink bullet vibrator on her clit.

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The lounge chair sat on a rug, making it easy to slide. I rotated the chair around so the back of it, and Moineau’s mouth was facing me. She gladly went to work on my cock, unable to really do much else from her restrained position. But then again, it’s one of her favourite activities, so I don’t think she minded at all.

After some minutes of enjoyment I spun the chair back around, returning Moineau to her original position, facing the corner.

I enjoyed this, because it amplified the free use vibes, with her not being able to see what was happening behind her, as well as invoking service orientated imagery, her being made to obediently wait, unable to do anything else.

She knew what I was going to do to her next.

But in the kinky dinner party setting she would only be able to hear the conversation (some of which would no doubt be about her body, and how it was going to be used for pleasure), not see what was going on (note to self – must add a blindfold in case she tries to be bratty and turn around to see what’s happening).

She’d hear footsteps, and maybe some hands running across her bare ass, groping at her breasts, tugging at her hair. She’d enter a relaxed state, focusing on all the senstations, the smells, the feeling of multiple hands on her skin, and drift off into mild subspace.

(It’s at that point in the kinky dinner fantasy that I envision people have had enough cheese and decide it’s time to get naked and start wildly fucking each other in a scene of debauchery that would make even the most hedonistic Roman blush).

But back to the present.

Moineau’s ass was just so tempting that I had to have it. Now she’s been anally trained, she can take me with no warmup (such a Good Girl, isn’t she?).

I took full advantage.

Afterwards, it was time for me to make her come.

There’s one particular game which I love to play in order to make orgasms more powerful. I’ve written about it before in my article here, but it goes like this.

As you turn on your sub in whatever way you wish, you ask her to let you know when she reaches a 9 out of 10 on the arousal scale (10 being orgasm). Once she lets you know, you stop stimulation and let her cool off for a few seconds. Then you repeat as many times as you want.

You can have some fun by doing a sequence such as 9, 5, 9, 5, 9.5, 7, 9.8, 8, 9.8, 9, 9.8, 8, 10. I guarantee you subs orgasm will be stronger when (if) you finally let her climax.

I did a short sequence (adding an extra drop I hadn’t intended on because she asked me if she could come, as per our submissive rules, but didn’t phrase it to my liking ;)), and finally to 10. (I was rubbing her clit whilst also massaging her G-spot with my fingers for those who want the intimate details).

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It certainly did the trick. Her legs were quivering afterward. I don’t believe sub space was attained, but it was a fun scene nonetheless. We snuggled on the sofa afterwards for some aftercare.

You can only fuck so many hours a day.

What you don’t read about in the dom sub relationship guides is that unless you are in a 24/7 dynamic, most of the day is doing normal stuff. She sat on the sofa thinking up creative ways to take photos for her fledgling Instagram account, and I worked away at my desk on this very website.

During those periods there is no power play. It’s just silence, the sound of tapping on keyboards, and plenty of cursing from myself as the website layout once again fails to do what I’m trying to get it to do.

Moineau, being the great little sub she is, was kind enough to offer me a full body massage later that evening, knowing it would help me relax.

So I lay naked on the bed as she mixed several oils together in a fashion which would have made the best potions master jealous, and proceeded to mount me (naked, naturally). Her hands eased away some of the knots, and I attempted to quieten my mind.

Again, the theme of service appears. It is a trait which is highly appealing to me when I look for a submissive. The desire to care for her dom and help him relax is wonderful (massages and being cooked for are two things I love).

Moineau tells me giving massages helps her relax.

I struggle to relate, as my mind rarely switches off, especially if I am performing a task. I can’t help but overanalyse it. What if I used this much pressure instead of this much? Would that feel better or worse? How is the person feeling? Can I optimise this process? What do I need to do to improve?

Once the massage was done, we swapped over. I hadn’t given Moineau a massage in a while, and she was definitely due one for having been a good girl all day, letting me tie her up and use her several times.

It started off as a relaxing massage, until I started working on her upper thighs. The sight of her pussy just visible was very distracting, and I couldn’t help let my hands drift over it as I worked on the muscles in her legs.

Her ass was wiggling around, back arching up so I knew she was enjoying herself.

It was enough for me to decide I wanted her ass for a second time that day.

Afterwards we fell fast asleep, ready to repeat the following day.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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Wonderful how Moineau is a wonderfully trained submissive, willing, pliable, obedient, demonstrating her submission in showing her body, training her body for her Doms whims, as he uses her, tying, pleasuring her and himself! She is a true example of how a sub is to care, dress, act and do for her Dom.


Thank you for the compliment! I’ve really enjoyed getting into my submission 🙂