What is a Rope Bunny?

what is a rope bunny?

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The Sinful Shibari programme is a step-by-step method to learn rope bondage for sexual play, designed for those in D/s dynamics.

The term Rope Bunny is used to describe a person who enjoys being tied up with rope. This may be for a variety of reasons, as described below.

Just because someone is a rope bunny does not necessarily mean they are a submissive. They may just be a ‘bottom’. But due to the language this is often the case, as well as referring to a female rather than a male. This is not a hard and fast rule by any means though, as with most things in BDSM.

The counter part to a Rope Bunny is a Rigger – the person who does the tying.

Why be a Rope Bunny?

Reasons for someone wanting to be a Rope Bunny vary, but here are a few of the common ones.

To relax

For some people with anxious or hyperactive brains, the act of being restrained by rope clear their mind and helps them focus. Without their brain on overdrive they slip into a still place, which is incredibly relaxing.

After being restrained by rope, these type of Rope Bunny can be sleepy and require a nap.

For kinky play

Some Rope Bunnies enjoy the thrill of being tied up during sex. The thought of being restrained, allowing their partner to take advantage of them (all consensually agreed up front of course) is a huge turn on.

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Sub tied to chair with rope bondage

To emphasise their submissive nature

It’s not surprise that some submissive in dom sub relationships enjoy being restrained as a method of showing their submissiveness to their dom. You don’t have to be submissive to enjoy being tied up (you may just be what is referred to as a ‘bottom’ – the person who has something done to them).

For example, if my sub were to tie me up, she would become the top and I would become the bottom, but she’d still remain a sub and I’d still be a dom.

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As a creative outlet

Done correctly, rope bondage (often referred to as Shibari) can be beautifully artistic. Some Rope Bunnies may simply enjoy it for the way it looks and feels, rather than for anything sexual.

How to get started as a Rope Bunny

If you’re interested in becoming a Rope Bunny then you have a few options to get started.

  1. Go to a local Shibari meet. If you live in a major city then you might be lucky enough to have a rope bondage meet nearby. These friendly groups get together on a regular basis and some even provide sessions. They’re a great place to find a Rigger (the counterpart to a Rope Bunny who does the tying) and meet new people.
  2. Ask your dom. If you are in a relationship with a dom already, ask them if they are interested in being your rigger. They may already have some surprise rope skills you never knew about!
  3. Learn online. Plenty of people upload videos on how to perform basics rope bondage to YouTube. Have a watch of their videos and ask your partner to practise ties on you. I’ve got an online rope bondage course available if you are interested in something complete, that is perfect for beginners and also covers the sexual aspects of rope bondage.
  4. Tie yourself up. That’s right – you can even tie yourself up! It’s another great way to get a feel for whether you enjoy the sensation of being restrained by rope.
rope bunnies are often submissive, but not always. woman bound with rope

Being a Rope Bunny safely

Rope bondage is inherently risky. It does originate from securing prisons and as a method of torture after all. For that reason, it is incredibly important you take the appropriate safety precautions to protect yourself whenever you engage in being restrained.

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These include, but are not limited to:

  • Having EMT shears on hand to cut the rope should the rope bunny get into difficulties.
  • Not tying the person in a way that is she fell it would cause serious injury.
  • Not tying around nerves or too tight as to restrict blood flow.
  • Agreeing a verbal and non-verbal method of communication in order to let your partner know if you get into trouble.

Concluding what is a Rope Bunny

So there you have it. Rope Bunnies are people who enjoy being tied up because they gain some form of pleasure from it, be it sexual, or non-sexual. The best way to find out if and why someone likes being tied up is to ask them!

If you’re in a dom sub relationship with someone and have already followed the advice on this website, you will already have discovered if they enjoy being restrained by completing a sex menu together.

If it intrigues you, then you might want to take a look at my Rope Bondage for D/s Couples course. It’s a fantastic way to learn the basics fast.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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