I Bought a Secret Spanking Bench (Unboxing and Build Photos)

Unboxing the secret spanking bench

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I’ve discussed my desire to host kinky parties in previous articles.

Now I’ve moved home I have the luxury of a study that can be turned into a kinky BDSM play-room at night.

But…I obviously don’t want blatantly obvious sex furniture laying around for someone to stumble upon (ie my parents if they come to visit!).

That has ruled out larger heavy wooden items such as spanking benches and St. Andrew’s Crosses.

Or so I thought…

Enter the secret spanking bench

Moineau stumbled upon a UK-based craftsman on Etsy called SecretSpanks who makes a spanking bench. (Sadly he no longer appears to be selling this item).

How is it secret I hear you ask?

Well, when disassembled it looks like a regular leather footstool. But hidden away inside are all the pieces required to transform it into a fully formed, sturdy spanking bench complete with metal rings to attach restraints to!

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It took me a couple of months to get around to purchasing one.

During the process, I was given plenty of options regarding customisation – one of the perks of buying a custom-made piece.

I wanted the spanking bench to not stand out, yet look sophisticated, so I chose to go with black wood, black faux leather, black piping, and silver restrain rings. However, there were many colours to choose from, leg styles, and the option to upgrade to real leather for a bit more money.

I placed my order and waited. It was going to take about two weeks for the spanking bench to be built and shipped to me.

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The bench arrives

Two weeks later a large box was left on my doorstep.

Due to having multiple parcels arriving, I’d actually forgotten what it was. It took me a couple of moments to figure out it must be the bench!

I opened the box and peeked inside at the bubble-wrapped box. Not much to see yet…

The Spanking Bench BDSM furniture as it arrived
I pulled it out of the packaging and carried it up to the playroom. The thing is not light at 22kg due to it being solid wood, but I managed it alright. If you are a smaller person you’ll have to unpack it on the group floor or get help.

I enjoyed the fact the bench was wrapped with what appeared to be black bondage tape (see my article on the sex toys I own for details) rather than standard parcel tape. I don’t know if this was deliberate, but if so, it’s a fun touch.

The Spanking Bench is wrapped in lots of bubble wrap to protect it
The Spanking Bench was wrapped in lots of bubble wrap to protect it.

After unwrapping the entire thing, I laid eyes for the first time on my very own spanking bench! It looks gorgeous – and most importantly, very discreet. Looking at it there is no way you’d suspect what it contained.

It looks just like a regular piece of furniture, but inside has all the pieces to turn into BDSM sex furniture
All packed up. The Secret Spanking Bench looks like a regular box set when packed away,

Sliding the lid off revealed the kneeling pad, and the rest of the contents once I removed this top pad.

I pulled everything out of the box and laid it all out.

The entire contents of the secret spanking bench
This was the IKEA of the BDSM world.

I’m used to building IKEA furniture, so I was pretty confident I’d have this assembled in no time. Not to mention the maker had said it could be put together in ten minutes flat. I’d been sent instructions via a PDF upon ordering, so I pulled out my phone and opened them up so I could follow along.

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I won’t go through the entire process, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that absolutely no tools were needed – not even the screwdriver which I had with me just in case. Everything is secured with bolts and wingnuts which can be tightened by hand.

I laid out the base of the spanking bench ready to be joined together.

Building the base of the sex furniture

Then added the bolts and metal cross supports to keep everything sturdy and provide extra stability.

Cross supports keep everything sturdy and provide extra stability

Then the knee pad and box were placed onto the frame and bolted down onto the base.

Adding the knee pad and top box to the spanking bench

And finally, the lid was slid back onto the top box to provide a comfortable place to rest the arms and torso of the person being spanked.

The completed bench all set up and ready to use

I gave the structure a little push, then knelt gingerly on it just in case it couldn’t support my weight.

I had nothing to worry about. The spanking bench was solid, and could easily take more weight than me (I’m 80kg, and I reckon it could support two of me no problem).

Reviewing the build quality

The spanking bench is larger than I thought it would be. I imagined having to ‘perch’ on it, and there not being much width to it. However, it is definitely ‘roomy’. There’s plenty of width for kneeling.

The upholstery is great. Everything looks fantastic and the finish has been done to a high quality. I imagine the real leather version would look even better, but I’m more than happy with what I’ve got.

The paint finish is perfect too, and the metal restraint loops are chunky and will withstand even the most bratty sub trying to escape.

But, there’s really only one way to test it

I had some (vanilla) friends coming over in the evening, so I quickly took the bench apart (which took under 5 minutes) and packed everything away neatly.

I now have to wait until I next see my sub – she is the one who enjoys being spanked after all, and the one who will be able to give her verdict on the comfiness and position it puts her in. Normally I spank her bent over the bed, attached to door restraints, or lying over my knees on the sofa. I’m keen to know if having an official spanking bench will amplify the experience for her due to the psychological implications of it.

Those of you who read my articles regularly will know that I place great importance on the psychological aspect of domination – it’s more important than the physical aspect in my opinion (if you want to learn why then go get a copy of my book Sensational Scenes – I cover in great deal how to take your sex and kink scenes to the next level in it). I really do think having a dedicated spanking bench will put my sub more rapidly into a submissive mindset when used as part of the experience.

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Scene ideas for a spanking bench

So what exactly am I planning on doing with the spanking bench?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Anal training. This has been a huge turn-on for both of us. I’ve written several anal training articles before, so go check those out. My sub loves anal sex and is able to take me easily at this point. However, it is still a turn-on to run a ‘training type’ scene which involves fingers and toys to blend the pleasurable feelings of orgasm with the taboo-ness of anal sex, and the feeling of being completely owned.
  • Inspection scenes. Inspections are something we do occasionally (read How to Run an Inspection Scene for details) when we are feeling more in the mood for a sex slave/service-orientated style of play. It’s more intense than the regular romantic/caregiving style of D/s we normally engage in, but it’s great for really highlighting the power dynamic. One of the positions in our routine involves displaying her ass from an all-fours position on the floor. The bench will come in handy for this one.
  • Tied down doggy sex. Doggy on a bed is good, but a soft mattress often means the heights aren’t quite right. It’s also difficult to restrain someone in a doggy position and prevent them from falling forward if you are being extra rough. The spanking bench should allow for rough vaginal and anal sex with me in a standing position, whilst my sub is tied with rope by her ankles and wrists. She won’t have to support her weight and will be able to relax into the position and fully experience all the sensations.
  • Spanking and flogging. Naturally, the spanking bench will probably be used for maintenance spanks, punishment spanks, and regular floggings just because.
  • Sex parties and public displays. If I do run private parties in the future, the spanking bench can be placed in the centre of a room for use. People can gather around to watch spanking demonstrations, rope bondage demonstrations, or take turns fondling a willing submissive who is there for some free-use action.

With all those options to choose from, I’m spoiled for choice! Time to make arrangements for my sub to get her ass over to mine I reckon ;).

Have you ever used a spanking bench? Or do you own a piece of sex furniture? Let me know in the comments.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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Where can I get a bench like that?