Le Wand Massager Review (Petite vs Original)

Reviewing three wand vibrators. Le Wand Original vs Le Wand Petite vs Lovehoney Magic Wand Vibrator

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Welcome to my review of the Le Wand Original Massager vs the Le Wand Petite Massager (plus special guest – my Lovehoney Mains Powered Wand Vibrator).

Fans of my articles and members of our community are well aware of my affection for wand vibrators.

I’ve yet to meet someone who does not love the sensation of these types of massagers being used on them, due to the powerful vibrations they offer.

But are all wand massagers created equal?

This was the question I asked myself as I stared into the cardboard box I’d just opened on the kitchen table.

Two Le Wand Vibrators in a box

Inside were two, brand spanking new Le Wand Massagers (The Le Wand Original and the Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager), sent to me very kindly by Le Wand to review.

Full disclaimer

I didn’t pay for these wands. I was gifted them in exchange for this review, and the article contains affiliate links so I make a small percentage if you happen to buy one. That said, this review will remain as un-biased as I can possibly make it.

How do I use wand vibrators in a BDSM context?

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To set the scene (BDSM scene – geddit?), let me explain how I typically use wand vibrators.

  • Teasing. Tying someone up and teasing them. A favourite position of mine is to sit on the sofa, and have my partner over my knee. From there I can run the wand between her legs as well as play with her with my fingers.
  • Post-orgasm torture / forced orgasms. After coming once I keep the wand on their clit until they come again. This is slightly painful for most people, but some also find it pleasurable at the same time.
  • Edging. This one is my favourite. I use the wand on my partner’s clit to get them worked up to an 8 out of 10 on the arousal scale, then I back off. Then repeat, cycling through numbers 9, 9.5, 9.8, 9.9 and finally 10, each time taking the person closer to orgasm but not letting them.

I’m telling you all this for context as it influences my review.

This Le Wand massager review is not about someone using it solo, it’s thinking from the perspective of a couple using it together (although many of the points apply to solo play too).

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About Le Wand

According to the Le Wand website:

Le Wand is a woman-founded premium brand of personal vibrating massagers that bring unparalleled quality to a notoriously sketchy industry. Le Wand originated as one hell of a classic wand (all the power you could want with award-winning design to match) and has now become a full line of best-in-class, heart-pounding, hair-raising toys.


From there they have grown their product line into a number of different wand vibrating massagers, add-ons, and other toys. But the wand massagers remain the focus of the brand.

Why this review?

Long-term readers will know that many of my BDSM scenes involve the use of my Lovehoney Classic Mains Powered Wand Vibrator. 

Up until this point I hadn’t owned any other wand-style vibrator, and had nothing to compare it with.

Now I had the opportunity to see how two other wands, the Le Wand Original (the classic Le Wand vibrating massager) and a new addition to their product line-up, the Le Wand Petite, a smaller, more intimate wand vibrator.

Would either of these two be as good as my trusty Lovehoney generic wand at teasing, forced orgasms, and generally bringing pleasure (/pain) to Moineau?

That’s what I wanted to know.

Which Le Wand is best? The Original or the Petite
Which Le Wand Rechargeable Massager is best? The Original (in pearl) or the Petite (in blue).

Le Wand Massager 1: The Le Wand Original rechargeable massager

Person holding Le Wand Original massager

Product overview

The Le Wand rechargeable massager is a battery-powered, wand style-vibrator designed for powerful clitoral stimulation. 

It’s aimed primarily at women wanting to use the product during solo play, but it can be held by someone else, as I do when I use it on another person.

The Original comes in 6 different colours; purple, pacific blue, magento, pearl, grey, and black.

The model I tested was the pearl version.

The description from the official Le Wand website describes it as follows:

Winner of Cosmopolitan’s Sexcellence Award for “Most Powerful Sex Toy”, Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is guaranteed to deliver intense and sensual pleasure. The luxurious massager has 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns. Le Wand’s sleek design provides focused vibration in the head of the wand. Powerful, penetrating pleasure is granted in the convenience and versatility of a rechargeable wand. Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is a complete set that features a body-safe silicone head, flexible neck, convenient travel case, and beautifully giftable packaging.



  • Materials: Body-Safe Silicone & ABS
  • Size: 340 (H) x 62 (D) mm
  • Diameter: 62.18 mm / 2.45 in
  • Neck Diameter: 50 mm / 1.97 in
  • Circumference: 195.3 mm / 7.69 in
  • Weight: 1.49 lbs / 674 g
  • Battery: 2200 mAh
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Use Time: Up to 3 hours
  • Max Noise Level: < 68 dB
  • Interface: 3 button control
  • Intensity Levels: 10
  • Vibration Modes: 20


What first struck me about the Le Wand is the packaging design. The box is elegantly designed, using lovely pastel colourings and an embossed golden font that shimmers in the light.

Le Wand Petite Massager in it's box

Inside the box there’s the wand, a charger, a user guide, a ‘Pleasure Guide’ and a black case for storing the vibrator when you’re not using it.

The case felt like a bit of an after-thought – the material was plasticy and it didn’t seem as high quality as the wand itself. The case also has the ‘leWAND’ branding on it, meaning anyone would know what was in it – not all that discrete.

Le Wand Massager case

That said, you don’t buy a vibrator for the case, and you can store the wand wherever you want.

The wand itself looks beautiful. I don’t normally purchase products in white, but I must admit it does make the wand look elegant and classy.

The body is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is a type of sturdy plastic used to manufacture a wide range of goods, and the vibrating head is made from a firm body-safe silicone.

Where the body meets the head Le Wand have added two rose-gold fake metal rings – little details which once again make this wand stand out.

The Le Wand Original vibrator head

Something worth noting is that the box says the product is not compatible with silicone based lubricant. I assume this is because it will damage the silicon of the head, so remember to use it with water-based lubes only.

The spring which attaches the head to the body is of medium strength. I was able to move the head 10 degrees in any direction using my hand.

At the base of the wand (opposite the head) is a charging port. The Le Wand Original massager is battery-operated, with the rechargeable battery being built in-to the body of the wand, so there’s no need to ever change it. A wall charger is included with the wand. The box claims a three hour charge will provide three hours of use.

In the middle of the shaft of the wand are three buttons: a plus, a minus, and a wave. The plus and minus buttons increase and decrease the speed of the vibrations as well as turning the wand on and off), and the wave button cycles through the 20 vibration patterns.

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The buttons on the Le Wand massager

Vibration modes

The Le Wand Original has 20 different vibration modes, each of which can be set to intensity 1 to 10. Cycling through the vibrations is done by pressing the centre button on the handle.

Le Wand Massager 2: The Le Wand Petite rechargeable massager

Le Wand Petit massager

Product overview

The Le Wand Petite rechargeable massager is a smaller version of the original Le Wand. It’s 25cm long and weighs 215g, which compared to original is 9 cm shorter and a staggering 3 times less weighty!

The Le Wand Petite rechargeable massager

There is compromise for the size however. You only get 1 hour of use from the Petite’s rechargeable battery compared to 3 hours with the Classic Le Wand.

Personally this isn’t too much of a drawback. Someone being able to withstand an hour of intense vibrations is rare, although you will have to remember to recharge it after each session.


  • Materials: Body-Safe Silicone & ABS
  • Size: 254 (H) x 47 (D) mm
  • Diameter: 43.5 mm / 1.71 in
  • Neck Diameter: 18.8 mm / 0.74 in
  • Circumference: 153 mm / 6.02 in
  • Weight: 0.47 lbs / 215 g
  • Battery: 340 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Use Time: 1 hour
  • Max Noise Level: < 72 dB
  • Interface: 3 button control
  • Intensity Levels: 10
  • Vibration Modes: 6


The Le Wand Petite massager has clearly been designed to be more practical to travel with and hide discretely than its bigger sister. If I was traveling, I would take the Petite and leave the Original at home.

The petite features the same plastic material body and a silicone head as the Original, but the head is a bit more compact and smaller.

Vibration modes

As with the Classic Le Wand, the Petite has 10 intensity settings, although it only has 6 vibration patterns compared to the 20 of the bigger wand.

How do the Le Wands feel?

And now the part of the review you’ve all been waiting for…how do the Le Wand Original Massager and the Le Wand Petite  feel to use!?

The first time Moineau and I used these we were recording a podcast.

You can listen to the full details of how that went on the podcast episode Vibrator showdown! Lovehoney Magic Wand vs Le Wand Original vs Le Wand Petite Massagers (tested LIVE). We test the two Le Wand Massagers as well as the LoveHoney wand together and give our verdict.


Moineau reported that the vibrations from both Le Wands felt ‘more intense’ and ‘heavier’ than that of the Lovehoney wand (and the Petite was less intense than the Original wand). This is both a good and a bad thing, depending upon how you look at it.

Every body’s clitoris has a different sensitivity. For some, intense vibrations right off the bat will be more painful than pleasurable. If you have a Le Wand Original, then you better be someone who enjoys these powerful vibrations!

Even on the lowest intensity setting Moineau said they were too much, especially when she wasn’t warmed up and turned on.

As the play session progressed, the vibrations became more tolerable and even pleasurable.

In other words, if you buy a Le Wand Original, you might only want to start using it in a scene when your partner is highly aroused, and perhaps also invest in a lower-powered wand to use at the beginning of the play session, moving to the more powerful Le Wand Original later on.

Moineau also reported the sensations of the vibrations from the Le Wands being different to the Lovehoney wand. She described the Lovehoney wand as going ‘WAH-WA-WAH-WA-WAH-WA-WAH’ but the Le Wands doing ‘WAHWAHWAHWAH’.

Having inspected the heads of all three wands we decided this difference in feeling was down to the stiffness of the spring holding the head onto the shaft of the wand.

The Le Wand springs are tighter, and therefore the way the vibrations are transmitted through it to the clitoris are more consistent. The Lovehoney wand on the other hand has a looser spring (perhaps due to its design or perhaps because I’ve owned it for several years?), and this means the vibration frequency feels different.

We also think the shape of the heads might have something to do with it too. The Lovehoney wand head is make from plastic, whereas the Le Wand heads are made from silicone, and slightly more elongated than the pretty much semi-spherical Lovehoney wand.

Reviewing Le Wand massagers vs Lovehoney wand

The bottom line is that the vibrations just feel different. Some will prefer the Le Wand vibrations, some will prefer the Lovehoney.

And this is before we’ve even got to the different vibrations settings.

Type of vibrations

With 20 preset vibration settings I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you. For Moineau, it was a settings that pulsed between long and short.

Compared to the Lovehoney mains-powered wand, the Le Wand wins hands down. The Lovehoney want doesn’t have any vibration patterns. It is just one or off, although the intensity of the solid vibrations can be controlled with the centre wheel (more on this later). With the Le Wands you get different vibration patterns and the ability to alter the speed.

That said, Moineau mentioned that none of the vibration patterns were ideal for her. She would have liked more patterns that were consistent, rather than patterns which continuously mixed up the length of the pulses. Maybe for future releases Le Wand could incorporate some simpler patterns into the product.

Vibration speeds

Full disclosure, I pretty much always use my Lovehoney wand on the lowest intensity, or perhaps 20% of its maximum. I find any more than that and it is too much for someone to handle.

The Le Wands feel as though the lowest speed setting is already 20% above the Lovehoney wands lowest setting.

One thing I prefer with the Lovehoney wand is the scroll wheel to control the speed. With this, I can create my own patterns and get exactly the intensity I want. The Le Wands have set increments on speed, controlled by the plus and minus button on the body, which take time to cycle through.

As an example, let’s say I wanted to go from intensity 10 to 1 on the Lovehoney wand – I could do this is less than a second by scrolling the wheel down. With the Le Wands it would take 9 clicks of the minus button. It’s a small point, but the wheel feels more intuitive to me.

Going Wireless

What I love about the Le Wand Classic and Le Wand Petite is that they are both wireless.

My Lovehoney mains-powered wand has a lead attached to it, which often drapes on the person’s leg when in use. It also means I have to be near a power outlet when using it. 

The Le Wand’s don’t have this issue – I can roam freely and my partner can fully enjoy the sensations without being distracted by the cord.


The body of the Le Wands are made from plastic. This gets slippery during a play session, especially when lube is involved. On a couple of occasions the Le Wand almost slipped out of my grip, especially as the Le Wand Original weighs over 600g (1.3lbs)!

Compare this to the Lovehoney wand, where the designers have included a rubber grip to hold which means it never slips.

This is less of a problem with the Le Wand Petite which weighs significantly less than the Original.


The box claims the Le Wands are waterproof, but I suspect they mean splash-proof.

I would not feel comfortable fully submerging either of them in water, especially given the exposed charging port at the base. So if you’re wanting some bath-time or shower fun, then the Le Wands don’t fit the bill (but then again, neither does the Lovehoney wand.).


Both of the Le Wands make a decent amount of noise. There’s a chance a flatmate would hear it through the walls if you know what I mean. If you live alone you won’t have a problem.

Interestingly, the Le Wand official stats indicate that the Petite massager is actually louder than the Original at 72 decibels at full speed, compared to 68 for the Original.

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The Le Wand Massager (Original) is priced at $180 at the time of writing on the official Le Wand website, whilst the Petite Rechargeable Massager is slightly lower at $150. This is slightly on the higher end of what typical vibrators cost, but due to the design and power of these wands, I’d say the price tag is warranted.

But how did the wands FEEL??

Alright, alright. Moineau reported that both wands felt great. No mistake about that. She would have been able to make herself orgasm using either of them during solo play.

During the play session we did, which was for the purpose of testing, she preferred the ever so slightly less intense vibrations of the Le Wand Petite. It was also a lot easier to hold being a third of the weight of the Original. Despite having a smaller battery and silicon head, the vibrations were more than powerful enough even on the lower setting.

As described above, the wands felt different to the Lovehoney wand due to the flexibility of the head. Moineau would no doubt have gotten used to this overtime. We’ll just have to keep experimenting ;).

Original Le Wand Massager vs Le Wand Petite Massager

How do the two Le Wand Massagers stack up against each other in a head-to-head?

Comparison overview

FeatureLe Wand Massager (Original)Le Wand Petite Massager
Powered byRechargeable batteriesRechargeable batteries
Battery life3 hours1 hour
Charging time3 hour1 hour
Intensity levels1010
Vibration patterns206
Noise68 decibels72 decibels
Price$180 (price check)$150 (price check)
MaterialBody-Safe Silicone & ABSBody-Safe Silicone & ABS
WaterproofSplash-proof onlySplash-proof only
Where to buyBuy NowBuy Now


Winner: Le Wand Original.

The winner has to be the Le Wand Original, with 20 vibration patterns compared to Le Wand Petite, as well as simply being more powerful due to its size. That said, more isn’t always better. Moineau actually preferred the slightly softer vibrations of the Petite wand, especially at the beginning of a play session.


Winner: Le Wand Petite.

There’s no contest in this round. The Petite wins hands down being just a third of the weight of the Original. Holding the Le Wand Original for longer than ten minutes is a workout in itself, especially when using it on a partner. If you are using it for solo play then I’m sure you could rest the shaft on your stomach to support the weight.


Winner: Le Wand Petite.

The Original Le Wand Massager really is a beast. Even the Petite at 25 cm long is a decent size. Therefore, if you are traveling, or want to hide a wand somewhere discreet, then the Petite is the one to go for.

Battery Life

Winner: Le Wand Original

Both wands have decent battery life. It’s unlikely you’ll use it continuously for over an hour so either wand would work. However, if you are planning to take the wand to a play party then the Original will last longer (although you’ve got to carry it to the event).

Pros and cons


  • Battery life. Both wands last at least an hour, which is great for a rechargeable vibrator.
  • Beautifully designed. Both wands look stylish and elegant, with lovely packaging.
  • High quality. Both wands are made from high quality materials, and I can see them lasting a long-time with proper care.
  • Decent price. Sex toys are not cheap, but for the materials used, and the power of the wands, I think they are priced well.
  • Wall charger. Some rechargeable toys only include a USB cable to charge them, meaning you have to have a powerbank or computer handy to charge them up. The Le Wands come with their own mains charger, as well as different adapters to work with plug sockets around the world.
  • Travel lock. Both wands have a travel lock feature to prevent them activating in your bag at inappropriate times (such as on an airplane).
  • POWERFUL! The Le Wands certainly down lack power. I was concerned that they wouldn’t be as powerful as my trusty mains-powered wand, but they are – probably more so.


  • Slippery. The shaft of the wand is smooth, so when your hands are covered with lube or other ‘liquids’ it can slide out of your hand.
  • Heavy. The Petite not so much, but the original wand is heavy. Holding it for any length of time is tiring.
  • Difficult to turn off. In order to turn the wands off you have to press the minus button on the shaft multiple times, cycling down from whatever intensity level you had it on to zero. I would like to see a feature incorporated where the minus button could be held for 3 seconds and the wand would turn off instead.
  • May be too intense for some. Even at the lowest setting, the Le Wand rechargeable vibrators are powerful. For some this is a key selling point. For others it may be too much.

Verdict and recommendations

Having been skeptical about just how powerful a battery powered rechargeable wand could be, I have become a convert.

The Le Wand rechargeable massagers really do deliver a solid intensity of vibrations, even compared to traditional plug in wands.

Overall I was incredibly impressed by the packaging, design, and overall look and feel of the two Le Wands, as well as their power and battery life.

I’ve no doubt the Le Wands will become a staple of my BDSM toy chest, and get as much use as my Lovehoney wand (in fact, I’m going to use the Le Wand massagers instead of the Lovehoney wand now because it is so much more practical not having a power chord to navigate).

My only criticism of the Le Wand Original is the weight. Almost 700g is a lot!  I presume that’s why Le Wand have released the Petite, to solve the portability and weight issues.

My other gripes (such as the lack of rubber grip to prevent slipping when holding and the difficulty to turn the wand off) are so minor that they shouldn’t put anyone off buying. I’m really nit-picking there.

Which Le Wand do I recommend?

If you can only buy one Le Wand massager, I recommend the Petite rechargeable wand.

My main reasoning is that it is more portable and easier to hold, important when you are using it in a BDSM context and have to hold it for long periods of time.

Despite being three-quarters of the size of the Original Le Wand, it is plenty powerful enough – a little less power is a good thing for some people who can’t take the intensity of the Original – and can last an hour between charges. It’s also less expensive by $30 than the Original.

Yes, the Petite only has 6 vibration patterns compared to the 20 of the Original, but do you really need 20? I’m sure you’ll find at least one of the 6 that come with the Petite to your liking.

And because the Le Wand’s don’t need to be plugged in to the wall, I rate the Le Wand Petite higher than the Lovehoney Mains Powered vibrator (although that’s still a great option if you are on a budget).

Wrapping up the wand review

Overall, ANY of the three wands shown in this review can deliver incredible orgasms in the hands of a skilled practitioner ;).

I’m glad I had the change to test out both Le Wand Massagers. The Le Wand Petite will be my selection of choice going forward. It delivers a mighty punch in a portable package. The Le Wand Original will remain in my toy chest when I need to bring out ‘the big guns’. And the Lovehoney mains powered vibrator will remain a trusty backup should the Le Wands run out of batter power mid playtime.

Whichever wand you choose I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, and your partner won’t regret the purchase. A wand vibrator really is a top choice for any aspiring Dominant who wants to tease, pleasure, and torture their partner to many orgasms.

Woman holding Le Wand Petite massager

Purchase your own Le Wand today!

Le Wand Original and Le Wand Petite massagers are available from the official Le Wand store at Lewandmassager.com.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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