Night Three at The Best Swingers Club in London

A statue depicting orgy threesome scene with two men and one woman

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It’s our third trip to this adult swingers club in London in four weeks (Le Boudoir in case you hadn’t guessed). An expensive habit but it ticks a lot of my kink boxes. Voyeurism, exhibitionism, dungeon play, socialising, and the possibility of sex with other people.

Moineau and I chat over text earlier in the day. I recommend she wear the black lingerie she wore on our first trip (see that Le Boudoir review here) and a black dress. She informs me the black dress is too cold on a windy February night in London and sends me a photo of an alternative. I don’t mind.

I know she won’t be wearing it for very long.

We meet for pre-drinks in a bar a short walk from Liverpool Street station. It’s empty, but I picked it for this exact reason. I didn’t want to be forced to stand, jostled around by drunken patrons, straining to hear the conversation.

The bar brought back memories of my first trip to a London swingers club some 3 years earlier. My partner and I at the time had met a couple on Feeld who had invited us to join them and a few others here before heading to the lifestyle club for a night of hedonism.

Tonight it was just Moineau and I. I’d invited two other couples along, but both had other plans or were sick.

We finish our drinks, stroll ten minutes through the back streets of Aldgate and enter Le Boudoir swingers club in east London just after 10pm. The drill is all too familiar now. Coats handed over, membership card scanned, payments dealt with, then into the belly of the club.

The walk from the entrance to the locker room offers us the opportunity to glimpse the couples sitting around, and for them to do the same to us. Is there anyone who takes our fancy and we might want to play with?

In the locker room, bags are packed away. Moineau puts on her leather play collar. I empty my pockets of wallet, keys and phone, then stuff four condoms into my trouser pocket. It’s all you really need at a place like this.

A typical night at a swingers club in London

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Our last two times attending have typically gone like this.

Arrive, get a drink, sit on a sofa, chat to nearby couples who look friendly, and then get to playing.

Tonight is no different. We get talking to two couples. One had met on the Killing Kittens website. The woman is mid-thirties, attractive, and her first time here. Her date is also attractive, tall, blonde, and has been to a swingers club several times before. They aren’t new to the lifestyle, but it’s unclear if they want to play with other people or are just they to enjoy the sights.

The second couple are early forties, both also attractive, from Bath, down in London for a romantic weekend. The husband tells me his wife is into women. Le Boudoir is an outlet for her to play (although they’d only been three times in seven years). I admire how open they are, and I chat to them about when they decided to open up their marriage and become monogamish.

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I’m still very much torn between monogamy and non-monogamy.

Adventure, novelty and innocence are extremely arousing to me, and as much as you can spice up your sex life by trying new things in a bedroom with a single person, is that sustainable for forty, fifty, sixty years?

What’s the harm in adding in a third (or fourth) person into the mix every once in a while?

Another part of me wonders if I could deal with the sight of another man fucking the woman I love, without causing feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and a host of other insecurities.

What if he makes her come harder? What if he’s got a bigger dick? What if she falls in love with him and leaves me?

All questions any non-monogamous couple has to deal with.

I tell both couples Moineau and I are heading to the dungeon. Come and watch if they’d like.

Back in the changing room, Moineau strips off her dress, leaving her in the black lingerie and strappy heels. As always, her figure looks delicious. I love how body confident she is, and how much she enjoys being shown off. I’ve never dated someone who enjoyed it that much before.

BDSM community vs the swinging lifestyle

Swingers clubs aren’t the kinkiest of places.

Sure, they may have a dungeon, but swingers (people who belong to ‘The Lifestyle’ as it is now referred to) tend to be a separate crowd to those who enjoy BDSM. There are some people who do both (me for example) but I wouldn’t say the majority.

Swingers enjoy voyeurism, exhibitionism and partner swapping. Vanilla sex, just with more people.

The BDSM crew enjoy bondage, leather, PVC, alternative lifestyles and techno music. They tend to be more alternative, rebellious, save the Earth types. They enjoy the power dynamic of BDSM perhaps more than sexual intercourse. Most of the friends I see at Torture Garden and Klub Verboten haven’t been to Le Boudoir and vice versa.

This left her standing in only her black hold-ups and high heels, her beautiful curves on display for all to see.

(I appreciate I am making massive, sweeping generalisations. Not everyone slots into these boxes by any means. But it’s my blog so there!)

I’m telling you this, because we had turned up at the best swingers club in London with rope, intending to perform some Shibari (Japanese bondage with ropes). How would people react to a more kinky element being introduced?

We hoped well.

I led Moineau downstairs into a corner of the dungeon. There were already three couples there, one of them using the suitcase bench we had enjoyed a spanking scene the week before, the other two standing fully clothed around the edge of the room watching (this often happens in the dungeon).

I tied up my submissive at the best swingers club in london with rope

My plan was to make a Hishi Karada Shibari rope dress (learn how to tie it in this rope bondage course for D/s couples) which Moineau would wear for the spanking session.

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She suggesting taking off her bra and panties, knowing it would give me better access to areas between her legs, and I took her up on the offer. This left her standing in only her black hold-ups and high heels, her beautiful curves on display for all to see.

I placed her underwear on the leather chair behind us, turned her body to face the crowd, and pulled out a length of red rope I’d stashed in my back pocket. I slipped the rope over Moineau’s head and got to work.

The Hishi Karada is a simple Shibari rope tie, but the people watching and the challenge of handling red rope in low red lighting added an element of pressure.

I kept scanning the crowd to see if the couples I’d invited down to watch had made an appearance. They both had (although one left partway through the rope tying session).

After a few minutes of work, the final tie was completed. It looked great (even if I do say so myself).

Spanking, rubbing, and group dynamics

I cuffed Moineau’s wrists to the St. Andrew’s Cross (Wikipedia info here), her body facing it. She dutifully stuck her bum out, ready for what she knew was coming.

The couple behind me on the suitcase bench were still going at it. The guy was standing at his partner’s head, her mouth tight around his cock as he thrust in and out, her legs splayed, exposing all of her. From my vantage point I had an excellent view.

But I was getting distracted. It was time to carry on with our show. I began with a light spanking, warming up all the areas of Moineau’s ass. If you’ve ever spanked someone, you’ll know that it’s important to start softly and build up.

spanking at swingers club in london
Not an actual photo from the night, but close.

I enjoyed the sound each slap made echoing off the concrete floor and walls. I purposely moved from standing on her left to her right several times to ensure everyone in the watching crowd would get a clear view of what was happening.

The husband sits close by as his wife runs her hands over Moineau, enjoying the curves of her ass, back and breasts.

I oscillated between spanks and cupping her pussy, rubbing her clit to add some pleasurable sensations into the mix and take the edge of the stings of the smacks. Spanking can be boring to watch, so I threw in a few throat grabs, hair pulls, and neck kisses for good measure.

I searched the room again and spot the Bath couple from upstairs looking on. I beckon them over.

They are hesitant at first, not quite knowing what I want, but eventually they realise I’m letting them join in.

The husband sits close by as his wife runs her hands over Moineau, enjoying the curves of her ass, back and breasts. She gives the naked bum a few slaps, nothing that is going to cause much pain.

I ask if her husband wants a go. He does. He also runs his hands gently over her body and also gives her a few quick (slightly harder) smacks. I continue to monitor the situation, ensuring Moineau is consenting, kissing her, and keeping an eye on the rest of the room.

As a good Dom situational awareness is important. Your Sub is in an incredibly vulnerable position. She’s facing the wall and restrained, unable to see what is happening behind her. She is relying completely on you to keep her safe, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

99% of people I’ve met at swinging clubs have been incredibly respectful and asked for verbal consent every time they’ve interacted with me. But you do get the occasional person who thinks that being in a swingers club gives you the liberty to touch without asking.

A new couple entered the dungeon. I’d clocked them upstairs. Drunk, a little reckless, showing off. I didn’t like their energy.

As soon as they came in, I knew our scene was over. I couldn’t risk Moineau being tied up in case they decided they wanted to come over and join in our play without asking, or accidentally bumped into us. They were also ruining the mood with their obnoxious behaviour.

I told Moineau what was up (she knew straight away which couple I was talking about) and uncuffed her. In the twenty seconds it took me to do that, the drunk couple was already lying on the cold, concrete dungeon floor, one on top of the other (fully clothed). They clearly wanted the attention.

To be fair – I wanted attention too. But not at the expense of ruining anyone else’s night.

As we made our way out of the dungeon, it was good to see three members of staff waiting outside. They were clearly discussing the couple and what to do about them. No doubt they’d either seen the pair on the security cameras, or been told about them by other guests, or both.

We left them to it, a little annoyed our scene had been cut short. Moineau was still wearing nothing but a few strands of rope. Leading her around the club with her breasts, ass and pussy exposed was fun to say the least.

Straight A student

We entered the Headmaster’s office, a fun little room around the corner from the dungeon, often missed by the club-goers.

It’s a small room, featuring a sturdy, antique, wooden desk complete with leather top. I instructed her to place her hands on the desk and continued the spanking. The sight of her bent over the desk was turning me on, so I moved around to the other side of the desk, unzipped my trousers and let my semi stiffened cock spring out of my boxer shorts. Moineau greedily took it in her mouth to bring me to full hardness, stretching across the desk to reach me.

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After a few minutes, I was rock solid. I moved back around the desk behind her, pulled the Shibari rope dress to the side and pushed into her. We fucked for several minutes, me leaning in close to her, whispering professor/student role play ideas in her ear. Something about her grades not being good enough and if she wanted that A grade she’d have to work for it. You know, the classic porn fantasy stuff- cheesy but ties in well to the whole DDLG dynamic we have doing on.

We were in a headmasters’ office after all. It would be rude not to.

Let’s start the fucking show

Next, we headed up to the tantra lounge (the big room where the orgies tend to take place) to see what was happening. The room was busy, but one of the double mattresses was free.

The absurdity of casually chatting with the blonde whilst my cock was buried deep inside Moineau didn’t escape me, but it just felt so natural in this environment.

I got naked. We proceeded to fuck in a variety of positions. Doggy, missionary, piledriver, standing, facefucking. A thin veil of fabric hung from the ceiling obscuring the view ever so slightly, but I could still see couples sitting on the sofas across the room eyeing us. I want to put on a good show for them (can you tell I’m an exhibitionist yet?).

I was relieved to stay hard. Under the pressure of people watching it is not always easy to maintain an erection. A few alcoholic drinks at the bar had helped relax me, lowering my inhibitions. That and 10mg of Tadalafil (non-brand Cialis) which I occasionally take for events like this.

Moineau was now on her knees in the middle of the bed, me behind her. I got rough, grabbing her hair, pulling her torso back and up to meet me, kissing her neck, then throwing her back down onto all fours.

A blonde woman came over and sat at the end of the bed. She complimented our fucking, saying it turned her on. I asked her if she wanted to touch. She did.

A statue depicting orgy threesome scene with two men and one woman
Moineau didn’t get spit-roasted that night but never say never.

I continued slow thrusting, chatting to our new friend, telling her how much of a good girl Moineau was, because firstly she is, and secondly I know how much she loves being treated as a plaything during a dominant sex scene.

The absurdity of casually chatting with the blonde whilst my cock was buried deep inside Moineau didn’t escape me, but it just felt so natural in this environment.

I’m not sure if Moineau came, but she was making some lovely moaning sounds.

By this point I was tiring, and the blonde didn’t look like she was going to undress and join us (her partner was watching from a nearby bed so it was unlikely she’d play alone).

It’s one of the main issues I have with swingers clubs. If you aren’t into a full swap (where both couples swap partners for full sex) it tends to be only the women interacting with each other whilst the guys sit on the sidelines. I’ve yet to find a single woman who’s come alone and who wants to get fully naked and involved with us (Do you? Then send me an email or leave a comment ;)).

We dressed (well I did. Moineau was still wearing her rope dress) and moved across to watch the action on the orgy bed. It looked fun, in a ‘you’re probably gonna get kicked in the face whilst another person is going down on you but then all laugh about it’ kind of way.

Return to the dungeon

We were disappointed our dungeon scene being interrupted earlier and wanted to rectify that. We headed back down to the basement. There were only two couples playing, one on the St Andrew’s Cross we’d been using earlier, and another fucking on the suitcase bench. Damn it – that’s my favourite and I wanted to play there.

I attached Moineau to the cuffs on the wall instead.

A tall, woman with a body covered in tattoos, wearing a tiny leather skirt and breasts exposed over the top of a barely-there chest harness approached and asked nicely if she could touch. ‘Of course’, I replied.

Of all the women who had touched Moineau over the past three sessions at LB, she was the most dominant.

She ran her hands all over M’s body, from the ankles to her bum and breasts. She pulled M towards her and at one point had her arm around M’s neck. M signalled to me that this was a bit tight (due to the combination of the leather play collar, rope dress and the woman’s arm) and I asked the tattooed lady to loosed up a bit. She did, apologising profusely.

It’s fine, I said. Keep going.

She kept playing, chatting to me about how naturally beautiful my play partner was, how great an ass she had.

The closing scene

I still wasn’t hard at this point but I knew I wanted to fuck again. I thanked the woman, untied Moineau and led her to the circular bed in the neighbouring room.

She was feeling floaty, clearly in some form of subspace from the spanking and fondling experience I and the tattoed woman had given her.

We fucked for a good fifteen minutes, no-one around except a few people moving up and down the spiral staircase in the room every now and again, and the cleaners walking around doing their thing (I’m sure they’ve seen it all over the years).

I was once again a little disappointed no-one stopped to get on the bed naked next to us and join in. Being a very visual person, I wanted to see some more naked women, goddammit! I’d seen far more cock than labia that evening that’s for sure.

I wanted to come but it just wasn’t happening. Probably tiredness, or a decrease in sensitivity due to the amount we’d fucked that day.

We lay spooning for a few minutes, catching our breath, me sad that another fun night at Le Boudoir was drawing to a close.

We returned to the changing room, dressed (I decided Moineau didn’t need panties under her dress for the taxi ride home), and a few minutes later slipped back through the heavy wooden door and back into vanilla world, no-one any the wiser we’d just spent three hours getting frisky at the best swingers club in London.

We’ll be back.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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