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Klassy Social Kink Event

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After a few drinks in the office it was approaching 9pm, and I was already two hours late for the start of the Klassy Social.

I never know whether these type of event start on time, so I erred on the safe side. Alos, the office party was heating up and I didn’t want to leave the shenanigans.

The Klassy Social, a kink social, was put on by Klassy Club who run kink play party nights. I guess the aim is to meet fully clothed in a bar and assess the type of people who would be at the party, before deciding if it’s for you or not.

By the time I got to Dirty Martini in Liverpool Street there were 20 kinksters sitting in a reserved booth all animatedly talking. I’m sure the free glass of prosecco on arrival had helped.

The crowd was a mixture of the event organisers, a few couples, and the rest single girls and guys.

I spotted the friend who had told me about the event and went over to say hi. I’d met her and her boyfriend a few times so we chatted for a while and then the event organiser came over to tag me up with a wristband. I’d met her previously at a Killing Kittens pre-party.

Another one of the women, who I’d also met at Killing Kittens two years previously, sidled up to me. I’m not excessively tall but I did loom over her as we flirted. Although not my type, it’s always fun to flirt.

She asked what I was looking for and I told her ideally it would be something long term. What I love about these kink events, is you can be very direct. There’s no need to pretend you don’t want casual sex if you really do, and if you’re not feeling casual, that’s ok too.

After about five minutes of flirting and whispering a few dirty fantasies to her about me taking a partner out to a restaurant wearing a remote controlled vibrator, and me switching it on at random points during the night (she did ask what I was in to!), it was clear she was a sub and was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I decided to give her a little test by asking her to fetch me a glass of water from the bar, then sent her on her way with a light slap on her arse (please bear in mind we’d been semi-naked in a jacuzzi when we previously met, and on this night she was pushing into my personal space so her body was touching mind. I took this as a sign of non-verbal consent. Don’t go slapping random women’s bums in clubs, guys. That’s not what this was).

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She headed off to the bar and I sat down. Five seconds later she popped her head back around the booth to ask if I wanted ice. Such a good girl and clearly well trained ;). I told her to get me two and off she went.

The rest of the night I spent chatting to a few of the guys and my female friend. She had her eye on one of the single women who her boyfriend had been flirting with earlier.

I headed out to get some air, and by the time I got back inside, they were snogging. Her boyfriend also joined in kissing the girl when his girlfriend had finished.

What I love about nights like this is the freedom. There were a few stares from people in the bar, but on the whole London is a very tolerant city, and so much crazy shit goes on that most people don’t bother to look up from their phones anymore.

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And even if do people notice and stare, there is no shortage of exhibitionists in the group who love the attentions. It’s actually pretty hot watching people trying to figure out what the group dynamic is, and then their minds being blown when an obviously couple start kissing other people! They just can’t work it out :D.

By this point everyone was on the dancefloor. I’m not much of a dancer, and there wasn’t anyone who took my fancy in the group, so I decided to call it a night.

Would I attend one of their play parties? Possibly. My concern with smaller parties is firstly that there may not be people I fancy, and secondly that many of the single women are there to play with other women not single men.

For those reasons I’ll probably stick with kink talks and workshops in my quest to meet someone lovely rather than play parties. They are cheaper events, attract more people, I learn things, and right now I’m not feeling up for sex with randoms unless I feel a connection.

However I would attend more kink socials, but I’d get there earlier so I can chat to everyone before the music gets cranked up to full. Everyone is extremely friendly, and even if there isn’t anyone you fancy, it’s always a pleasure being around such liberated people.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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