Hunting Down The Ideal Cockwarming Lap Desk

Researching a decent cockwarming desk

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I hadn’t appreciated how many of you filthy reprobates are interesting in cockwarming (sometimes referred to as cock sleeving, although that is less used when talking about oral cockwarming).

But looking at the stats, you most certainly are.

Good on you.

Lockdown fantasies

It’s lockdown in London and I haven’t seen my sub in 11 weeks now. And that naturally means no cock being warmed for me.

But, it hasn’t stopped me fantasising and plotting…

Finding a comfortable position to cockwarm in isn’t easy. As I explained in my beginner’s guide to cockwarming, oral cockwarming is my preferred variation (as opposed to vaginal or anal).

And one of the hottest times to perform cockwarming is when I’m engaged in other activities, such as on my phone, watching TV, or working on my laptop.

It’s this latter activity which I am yet to find a comfortable position for both myself and my sub.

The laptop oral cockwarming saga

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Sitting on the sofa, as I am right now, with my laptop on my…well, lap, obviously…there’s no room for my sub. If she attempted to get anywhere near my cock, she’d end up with her ear on my trackpad, hair all over the keyword, and all my articles would be a jumble of random characters.

If I wanted that, I’d invest in a cat.

If she keels on the floor in front of me, the laptop gets in the way, and kneeling for long periods isn’t comfortable.

We tried (before the lockdown) a hybrid approach where I sat at one end of the sofa, she lay across it, on her side, head in my lap facing me. I then placed a pillow on top of the side of her face, and rested my laptop on that.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

That was more successful that I thought it was going to be, and we lasted around 20 minutes.

The downside was an awkward wrist angle (hello, RSI) and the anxious feeling that one wrong move and I’d end up suffocating her – a reasonable concern given her airway was already partially blocked by my appendage.

Imagine trying to explain that one to the police.

None of these scenarios is very conducive to a productive working environment.

I know what you’re thinking. What about the obvious? A desk!

True. I have a desk, but there’s limited clearance between myself and the desk when my chair is wheeled into a position from which I can work. Plus, the kneeling position, once again, isn’t comfortable for the sub.

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There’s got to be a better way

I decided to do some hunting around the internet for portable meal and laptop tables (you know, updated versions of hose trays old people eat meals off in front of the TV).

Something like this:

Cockwarming bed and sofa table
Could this work for oral cockwarming, I wondered…

Whilst I do quite fancy one of these for lazy work purposes, the clearance is still an issue. No way my legs and sub are fitting under there.

And then I stumbed across this beauty.

Who the hell wears a bikini to the gym? Wonder why they chose that image…

Now this looks like a product I can get behind (and my sub get under…see what I did there?).

The clearance is great, and it would work both on a sofa and a bed.

There’s one small problem. The leg would get in the way of my sub lying across the sofa. She’d end up with her shoulder on the one of the feet of the desk.

It would work nicely when working in bed (a variation on morning cockwarming) though, so long as I adopt a more laid back work position (almost horizontal) so that my crotch extended beyond the feet of the desk, giving her all the room she needed.

So we are one step closer. It’s not the perfect solution, but close.

The only alternative I can see is DIYing a computer monitor arm type contraption either screwed into the wall or freestanding on a single pole, with a flat table at the top. That would allow me to wheel it into place and overcome cock blocking dilema.

Regardless, this is all just fantasy for now. Until lockdown is lifted, all cockwarming activities (plus slave duties) shall remain in limbo.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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A search for läsbord (swedish for reading table) turned up this:
The company seems to manufacture aids for elderly or disabled people. I’m sure something similar can be found in the UK.