E21: All about DDlg and CGl (Warning: May be triggering to some)

Conversations with a Dom BDSM podcast

Learn the art of submission: An online training program designed for beginner subs curious about BDSM and power play. Discover more.


On this episode of Conversations with a Dom Chief and Moineau answer a reader’s question about DDlg. What is it? How do we practice it in our relationship? And how might you go about introducing it into your relationship? We discuss psychology, why it turns us on, and how to talk to a partner about it.

Please note: We also discuss CNC, the R word, childhood trauma, and parental wounds, which can be very sensitive topics. Please proceed with caution if these are triggering for you.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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This is the second podcast I’ve listened to and the one that encouraged me to find your site. I love the honesty and realness of your conversations. Thank you for being willing to share


Missing you Chief! I hope you are having some wonderful exotic vacation since this podcast! Just want you to know this podcast was really fabulous and my daddy said it helped make him feel more accepted with his desires. Thank you for your insight and guidance. You have helped us tremendously.


Hi! First off, your site has been really inspirational and makes me feel better about being kinky (not to mention giving me lots of ideas). I was wondering if there are transcriptions available for your podcast? Or for this episode specifically? I’m HoH and can’t follow audio without video very well, but I really need tips on introducing this to my partner lol.


Hi! Thank you for the kind words 🤗 A few of the podcast episodes have transcripts on the site, but not all of them as of yet.
Please send me an email a ariamoineau@gmail.com and I can get you a transcript for this podcast episode (and any other podcast episodes you may need) – Cheers! Moineau