The boot worship kink

Boot worship

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Boot worship is a BDSM kink or fetish where individuals derive sexual arousal and enjoyment from boots. It is one activity that a D/s couple might do together, the submissive being the person who worships the boots of the Dominant.

Some people find this practise arousing and highly erotic because boots symbolise power, and emphasis the power-play dynamic at work in D/s.

I also heard one psychologist suggest that as babies crawling around, men are often looking at their mother’s foot, shoes, tights and legs, and this results in a foot fetish, stocking fetish, or boot fetish in some. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can see the logic!

Does BDSM always include boot worship?

No. There is no one kink or fetish which must be included in a BDSM relationship. Boot worship is relatively niche. Not all submissives and dominants enjoy it. Myself and Moineau have never done boot or foot worship as it doesn’t excite either of us.

Boot worship activities

Common examples of how this kink might be performed are:

Domination and submission: Boot worship can involve power dynamics, where one person (the dominant) commands the other (the submissive) to perform acts of worship with the boots.

Humiliation: Boot worship can involve an element of humiliation, where the submissive person is made to perform acts of worship as a form of degradation. This would be more suited to a submissive who isn’t necessarily a fan of boots but DOES enjoy humiliation or degradation play.

Pain. A form of impact play where the boot is used to strike the submissive. For example, being spanked by the sole of the boot, or being stepped on by the heel of a boot. 

Worship and adoration: The submissive kneels in front of the Dominant’s boots, and adores them. They may kiss them, lick them, and verbally praise them.

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Cleaning and care (bootblacking): Cleaning, polishing, and caring for the boots as an act of service to the dominant partner. This would fit nicely into a Master/slave relationship dynamic. It is sometimes referred to as bootblacking.

Sensory stimulation: Those who have more of a boot fetish may enjoy the feel and smell of the boots. The act of touching, caressing, and stroking the boots is highly erotic for them.

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Role-playing: Boots are worn by the dominant during a BDSM scene. The worshiper is commanded to do various things, some of which might involve boots.

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Boot heel worship: For some, the heel of the boot is key. Worshipping a high heel by licking, or being trodden on by it is a sexual turn-on. Think of the classic Dominatrix wearing high-heeled boots with a man lying on the floor naked or restrained. The Dominatrix is teasing the sub with the heel of the boot, making him admire it, putting pressure on his body with it, or placing the heel in his mouth.

Boot material and styles

Classic Thigh High Black Boots from Honor Clothing
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Any type of boot can be used. The submissive may have a preference for the material or style of boot though, so ask them.

You might want to try leather boots, PVC boots, and latex boots. And styles could include high-heeled boots, work boots, military boots, knee-length boots, and more!

This video shows a woman trying on various styles of boots.

Many fetish clothing brands sell PVC boots although they can be pricey due to their high quality. Alternatively, if you are just starting out you may want to consider buying a cheaper pair of boots from a high-street store, and upgrading once you’re confident you and your partner enjoy boot worship.

Where to buy boots in the UK

Consent and communication

As always, consent and clear communication is a must in all areas of BDSM, including boot worship. This activity should only be done by two consenting adults who get satisfaction from it. It should never be forced onto someone who has not consented.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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