Flogging Her (Plus Sleepy Sex)

submissive woman naked in bed

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Her naked bum wiggled in the air naughtily. I couldn’t tell if she was shaking off the lingering stings caused by repeated strikes with my flogger, or enticing me to whip her harder.

Earlier that morning I’d woken up with morning wood. Not unusual, but today I was extra firm.

I glanced over at her, still dozing, facing away from me on her side. She was naked, prepared for eventualities such as having her body used as she slept (this had been agreed upon and consent given).

I positioned myself behind her.

My motion roused her, and I could tell she was mostly awake. Regardless, we both had fantasies about her being taken whilst sleeping so the act was kept up.

I slid inside her, spooning her, one hand holding her breast, the other stretched out under her head. Once inside I lay motionless. I was still mostly asleep too, and the thought of vigorous thrusting didn’t appeal.

Still, it felt good to be nestled there, her warmth and wetness cradling my cock, keeping me hard.

Eventually, the sensations were too much, so I nudged her over onto her stomach, all whilst remaining inside her, and lay on top of her, supporting my weight on my knees and elbows.

I moved my hips and enjoyed the sensation of her tightness sliding up and down my shaft.

Yet still it was too early for strenuous activity and I was too sleepy to come, so after a minute or so I rolled her back onto her side and withdrew, falling back into somewhat of a slumber.

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Fast forward to a couple of hours later and we were both awake. She’d already expertly cockwarmed me in her mouth for a brief period until I command she roll onto her stomach.

I placed two pillows under her hips, forcing her bum into the air.

There’s something so sensual about the curved lines leading from a woman’s lower back up and around her bum and down her thighs.

sexy submissive woman sitting on sofa showing off bum
The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

I’ve spoken previously about her enjoying being spanked by hand. But on a couple of occasions she’s told me afterwards she can take more.

Today I want to see just how much more. I’m not a sadist, but I took her remarks as a challenge.

I reached into my cupboard and withdrew the leather flogger. In my sex toy review article, I mentioned I’d only really used it well once, and I was keen for more practice.

Also, spanking her as hard as she wanted by hand was no longer possible. It hurt my hand more than it did her!

The flogger on the other hand is more stingy and hits a more concentrated area.

After some light spanks and whips to get the blood flowing, it was time to up the intensity. I concentrated on one bum cheek at a time, the left hand one receiving the most attention at first as I knelt to her right.

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I struck around five blows at a time, interspersed with bum strokes and clit rubs to ease the pain and take her mind off the sting, replacing it with pleasure.

Her arse was reddening nicely, the flogger leaving somewhat rectangular streaks of darker skin as it began to mottle.

After the success of our anal sex a week earlier (due to her being a good girl and following the anal training process over a course of a few months), she’d also told me she wanted me she could take more.

Anal penetration, although tighter, does not provide as much stimulation as regular sex, and therefore in order to orgasm I need the physical sensation of fast in and out penetration, plus the mental turn on of knowing I can fuck her ass as hard and fast as I want, knowing she can take it.

I knew I wanted to have had all her holes by the end of this morning’s session.

I retrieved the largest butt plug (item 8 in my BDSM sex toys list) I own and slowly guided it into her. This was necessary to get her ready for my cock a little later.

I returned to the flogging, my swings becoming stronger and more vigorous, swapping from her left to right side and back again, the brief pauses giving her respite.

I knew I was getting somewhere when she began to wince in pain, her bum instinctively tensing involuntarily to mitigate the initial sting as the leather tails of the flogger landed.

Naturally I checked in on her several times, knowing this was the first time we’d attempted more serious impact play.

The spanking and flogging session lasted around 15 minutes, until finally, her ass burning brightly, I rubbed her clit and gave her permission to come.

We’d found her boundary, a level of pain which was tolerable, whilst still being somewhat pleasure.

Whenever I felt like she was right on the edge of too much pain (eg multiple hard blows in rapid succession) I’d back off, returning to stimulate her clit, building her up to orgasm, then stopping and returning to flogging before she came.

The spanking and flogging session lasted around 15 minutes, until finally, her ass burning brightly, I rubbed her clit and gave her permission to come.

“Thank you, Daddy” she gasped as the waves of orgasm subsided.

After giving her a few minutes rest, it was my turn. I told her to kneel at the foot of the bed, and used bondage tape to secure her hands behind her back.

I sat on the end of the bed facing her, stroking my cock as she looked on. She laughed and said this was torture, knowing what she wasn’t the one giving me pleasure, unable to touch me.

I felt a bit mean.

My plan was to work myself up to orgasm, teasing her by not letting her suck me, before standing over her and either coming down her throat or over her breasts, watching as my juices ran down her belly and between her legs.

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I stood up, still holding her hair, and pulled her forward into the space I’d just vacated.

But her comment made me realise I hadn’t finished using her how I wanted yet.

After washing off the lube, I allowed her to take me in her mouth, as I held her hair, controlling the speed and depth.

I knew I wouldn’t come from this blowjob, and after so much stimulation I was needing a release.

I stood up, still holding her hair, and pulled her forward into the space I’d just vacated.

Her torso now lay on the bed, hands still tied behind her back, her knees on the floor.

I got behind her, and slipped inside. The internal pressure of the butt plug made her feel tighter than usual, and I fucked her hard for a few minutes, before dragging her back to an upright kneel by her hair and having her lick her juices off me with her mouth.

I repeated this a couple of times, alternating between feeding her my cock and enjoying her from behind, hands hugging her hips tightly, pulling her onto me, fingers imprinting on her soft, smooth flesh.

Finally, I commanded her get back on the bed, face down. I undid her wrist tied, and removed the butt plug.

It had been around 20 minutes since it was inserted, and I knew she was ready for me. I hovered over her, knees either side of her hips, angling my cock down towards the one hole I’d not taken this session.

And then I was in.

She took my full length with ease, and I began riding her, almost as hard as I’d been using her pussy.

My body was flat on top of her, pinning her down. My face was next to hers, allowing me to kiss her neck, gently bite her earlobe, and whisper how much of a good girl she’d been for letting Daddy’s use all three of her holes that morning, and how pleased I was that she was now able to take my cock in her ass easily.

All the time I held a finger in her mouth, giving her something to suck on.

Whilst I held back from thrusting quite as hard as I wanted (this was on the third time we’d had anal intercourse) I thoroughly enjoyed the taboo nature of what we were doing.

The spanking, the cock sucking, the rough handling of her little body, and finally knowing she was completely at my mercy under the weight of my body and yet enjoying it completely created a wonderful feeling of pride, power, control, dominance and arousal in sure many doms can relate to.

It’s addictive.

Our session ended a few minutes later. We curled up together, and a few words were exchanged checking she was okay, asking how her bum cheeks were feeling, and if she was sore. All good was the answer.

We’d broken more ground, and pushed our dynamic further. We’d been able to do that through open communication and regular sharing of fantasies and porn videos over WhatsApp when not together to better understand what what turned each other on.

What a great way to start the weekend.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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Sounds like a perfect way to prepare for rear entry, teasing her bottom, until glowing…. back and forth between her mouth and pussy… both enjoying the vigorous activity… used and extremely satisfied….


This turns me on so much just reading about it. Such a great idea so thanks for that, I particularly loved the: “a good girl she’d been for letting Daddy’s use all three of her holes that morning, and how pleased I was that she was now able to take my cock in her ass easily.” So sexy…


It turns me on remembering it! Chief certainly has a way with words