E33: The Psychology of the Pleasure Dom

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In this BDSM podcast episode Chief and Moineau discuss the Pleasure Dom.

Have you ever wondered about the intriguing world of Pleasure Domination, or how to optimize pleasure and communication within relationships? Prepare to have your curiosity satisfied, as we have an enlightening conversation with Chief and Moineau, exploring the fascinating dynamics of a Pleasure Dom and the importance of prioritizing the well-being of the submissive partner, even when they seek pain. We delve into the nuances of creating a safe, consensual environment, and how this contrasts dramatically with the typical perception of a Dom who focuses primarily on pain.

Navigating relationships where one partner has a kink that the other doesn’t may seem like a challenge, but don’t fret. We offer insights on how the Pleasure Dom approach can bridge this gap. We venture into the territory of effective communication and language, discussing how to express your desires, avoid feeling resentment and ensure both partners feel valued. Get ready to discover how a Pleasure Dom’s focus on giving pleasure can lead to a satisfying experience for both the Dom and their submissive partner.

Lastly, we describe techniques that maximize pleasure. We touch on the need to be responsive to your partner’s reactions during a scene and how to hone in on their kinks. 

While Pleasure Domination might seem like a niche topic, the conversation highlights the universal importance of understanding and satisfying your partner’s needs, effective communication, and maintaining a consensual environment in any relationship. Tune in for a captivating exploration of Pleasure Domination and its potential to enrich your relationship dynamics.

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Ha ha love it when you read a description and you think – yep that’s me.

I especially enjoy giving oral – it’s so intimate and most women really adore it; I find it a real turn-on to take them to an ecstatic orgasm. I’ve developed good techniques so I’m very popular at a party.

Once I’ve satisfied my partner then they’ll typically be very intent on pleasuring me, the trust is established, the sex is uninhibited and fulfilling; as you both seek and receive sublime pleasure. This is very exciting with a new partner.


Observation: As a Pleasure Dom it is hugely important to encourage feedback from your Sub. There are so many directions to take the sexual stimulation and it’s far more important to know when it’s going in the right direction by positive reinforcement – a moan or ‘yes there’, ‘keep going’ and my ultimate favourite “Oh my god yes!” .


So I did not hear about Pleasure Dom and try it, I was one naturally for years before I finally figured out a name for what it is that I do and what I am. Having said that I feel that there is a big difference between a person who read about it and is talented and likes to pleasure their partner and not get reciprocation…, and a person who is actually a Pleasure Dom.

No disrespect to the male speaker claiming to be a Pleasure Dom; but there is an element to being a Pleasure Dom that I just didn’t hear the Male speaker cover. Was mentioned that he gets pleasure for it too, but the explanation of the pleasure the Speaker gave was that of just Ego boosting… A real Natural Pleasure Dom gets a whole different satisfaction than ego. A Pleasure Dom gets satisfaction in a way that’s fulfilling something missing from inside them. There is an Emotional release as well as a fulfilling innate Need to pleasure a partner.

While i think its a wonderful thing for people to integrate into their sex life. My worry is that those Claiming to be a Pleasure Dom who arent really one, would Numb the reputation of those who are in it for more than an ego boost or a semi educated person claiming to be it because they are skilled in the bedroom.