Confessions of a Sub: When Scenes Go Wrong

When things go wrong in BDSM

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The Boss looked down at me on my knees in front of him. He stood confidently in the summer sun, completely naked as I sucked his cock.

“Good girl” he whispered as I took him deeper.

He withdrew as I gasped for air, rubbing his saliva-drenched cock over my face. One of the things I know he likes is to see my face covered in mascara and drool, the messier the better. 

“I want to spit on you, stick out your tongue” he instructed.

We’d discussed spitting in one of our regular discussions about things we’d like to add/modify in our scenes. Talking about what we want to do with each other is both a turn-on and a healthy component of our D/s dynamic

He told me that he’d like me to spit on his cock and I said I liked the idea of him spitting on me when I’m on my knees before him. 

I stuck out my tongue as instructed, looking up at him towering above me as he spat. What we hadn’t factored into this plan was the picnic we’d had just before. His spit had a funny smell to it after having strawberries and wine… it made me gag, a lot. I coughed and spluttered as I tried to wipe it off my face, he also tried to help with baby wipes, but that smell was not going anywhere.

Once I’d managed to eliminate the smell and stop my eyes from watering, we both had a good laugh at our rookie error. We packed our things up and headed back to the flat. The scene had ended for now but we talked about trying it again, next time with mints! 

We have realistic expectations of any scene we plan: there could be mess, we might not like something as much as we thought, and there could even be injuries.

A couple of scenes did result in minor injuries. We always make sure to be as safe as possible and plan for all eventualities, but sometimes when you’re experimenting with something new, unexpected things can happen. 

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We had both watched a kinky movie where the submissive woman was tied up in a standing position, her hands bound above her head. She wore a fishnet body stocking which her Dom slowly cut from her with a small knife.   

I loved the idea of having my clothing cut from me, of seeing the Boss in such a position of power. It felt like extending our sub/Dom roles even further. So we ordered some over-door restraints, a body stocking and a small knife. 

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I stood in my heels, arms stretched above my head, the black body stocking hugging my curves. The Boss stood before me, his shirt partially unbuttoned, a sexy hunger in his eyes as he looked me up and down. 

“Fuck you look good” he growled as he ran his hands lightly over my breasts, my nipples hardening at his touch. 

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

He retrieved the knife from a nearby table and walked slowly back towards me. There was something predatory in his approach. He grabbed me firmly with one hand and carefully slid the small blade through the netting of the body stocking.  I held my breath as he slowly sliced through the thin material, tearing a hole at my breast. He bent toward me and licked my exposed nipple.  It sent a jolt of electricity through my body. 

He ran his hands over my body again, tearing carefully at different parts of the body stocking, the material falling in ribbons around me. 

“Oh crap,” he said, a concerned look creeping across his face “there’s blood on your stomach”.

I looked down and sure enough, a little blood was smeared above my belly button. The Boss undid my restraints and looked me over, no obvious injuries were visible. He quickly discovered that he was in fact the one bleeding. He’d nicked his thumb at some point but hadn’t noticed. 

We paused the scene while he cleaned his thumb and popped on a plaster. This one wasn’t a scene ender, once we’d both cleaned ourselves up we were still both keen to continue…without the knife for now.

Sometimes though, it can be important that the scene ends. If something happens that makes you even a little unsure about continuing then I think it’s always best to err on the side of caution. This is exactly what happened in our first attempt at consensual non-consent (CNC). 

During one of our many chats about new things we’d like to explore, we both expressed an interest in CNC. We decided on a particular 24-hour period where The Boss could use an agreed amount of force to overpower me, pin me to the bed and fuck me. I knew that he was easily stronger than me. He’s over 6 feet and broad and muscular compared to my much smaller frame, but I wanted to experience him taking what he wanted by force while I  tried to resist. Our usual scenes do not involve any resistance, I’m a very well-behaved sub.

We were in London for the weekend, staying in a nice hotel room with an amazing view. We’d already made good use of the chaise lounge positioned temptingly at the window and were now just chilling on the bed.

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I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. As I dried my face with the towel I could sense him behind me. I quickly put the towel down and saw him standing in the doorway. He moved so quickly that I did actually get a bit of a fright. I giggled nervously and got annoyed with myself for doing so, I wanted to keep in character for the scene.

He picked me up and carried me out of the bathroom. It felt unnatural to fight against him but I also wanted to feel his strength, I wanted to feel powerless and completely dominated.

He threw me onto the bed and pinned me down, holding both of my arms above my head in one hand. He held me tightly and pressed down on top of me. I love feeling him so close and in control. As he removed his belt the buckle scraped along my stomach with a sting. I reactively pushed away and he responded with more force, as was our agreement for this scene. I had to use our safeword to indicate that I wanted to stop. It just didn’t feel right.

The Boss is generally a caring and gentle Dom, he’s confident and takes charge while also being protective. Seeing him take on a more aggressive style felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable. We ended the scene and just cuddled for a bit. It felt good to have him back in his more familiar role.

Later we chatted and agreed that CNC was perhaps not quite our style. Communication is so important in our relationship, including discussing when things go wrong. It helps us learn and better develop our dynamic. 

We have since found other ways to play around with force and resistance. I’ve been trying out some bratty disobedience… but that is for another story. 

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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