Confessions of a Sub: Sex Al Fresco

Submissive woman and dominant man have a picnic al fresco

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Having sex outside is exciting: sun on bare skin, a soft breeze turning nipples hard, the possibility of being caught in the act.

It was mid summer and The Boss (my Dom) had suggested a kinky picnic in the sun, I absolutely loved the idea.

As I had been learning, when it comes to BDSM a big turn on for me is the anticipation and lead up to a scene, so immediately my brain clicked into planning mode.

I was imagining something a little old school and traditional: a checkered picnic blanket, a hamper filled with small boxes of carefully prepared snacks, a cold bottle of wine and two glasses. I would wear a long flowing summer dress, oversized sunglasses and sun hat.

The Boss has a foot fetish so I’d definitely need to make sure my toes nails were freshly painted and being shown off in a pair of cute sandals.

Thinking of all these little details gets me so excited.

The morning of the picnic arrived and the sun was streaming through my living room window as I saw The Boss pull up outside. 

Little did they know, this was no ordinary picnic 

We walked down the street hand in hand, The Boss carrying the heavy hamper, every bit the typical couple off for a romantic picnic.

Smiling at passers-by, I took pleasure in knowing the secret intentions of this summer stroll. We headed out of the residential streets towards the country lane that took us to a quiet walking spot at the edge of a small forest. Nerves set in as we began to scan for a suitable picnic spot. 

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“We should find somewhere under a tree so we can get a little shade from the sun, I don’t want your beautiful pale skin getting burned” suggested The Boss “we’re going to be out here for a while” he added with a grin.

I love how protective and thoughtful he can be, it contrasts beautifully with how rough he gets (as requested) during our scenes.

I laid the picnic blanket down and carefully unpacked all the food and poured us both a glass of wine. 

The art of restraint 

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

When we have a particular scene in mind we like to take our time, to savour every moment. The build up is a crucial part of each scene as it helps me get into the right frame of mind, and of course it turns us both on. Both desperate to just grab each other and go wild but instead we hold back and show some restraint.

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We sat close, casually touching each other, as we had lunch. I’d packed a tub full of fruit for dessert and fed him a strawberry with a giggle. He ran his hand along my bent leg and massaged one foot gently and then pulled me in tightly for a kiss.

Laying me back onto the picnic blanket, the sun warm against my face, I closed my eyes. He lifted my legs and pulled both feet to his face, slowly kissing and sucking each toe.

Confessions of a sub quote

A foot fetish is your best friend 

Having a man with a foot fetish makes the art of seduction all the easier. A sexy pair of heels, a toe ring, well manicured nails; just showing these things off is enough to get the mind racing. 

I pressed my feet against his face, curling my toes on his skin. I could feel his grip tighten around my legs and his body stiffen, I knew he wanted me but also that he wouldn’t rush. Controlling his urge to fuck me immediately is all part of the enjoyment.

Exposed and vulnerable 

Moving my legs to his shoulders he reached under my dress and removed my underwear.  I suddenly snapped from the submissive daze I’d been falling into and remembered we were in a public place. He noticed my apprehension and lowered my legs, moving into a protective position on top of me.

“You look beautiful” he whispered in my ear “and I’m going to fuck you out here”.

I could see that dominant look he gets on his face, that ‘in charge’ look that pushes all thoughts and worries from my mind. I relaxed as he moved his hand back under my dress and slid his fingers inside me. The more he could see my nerves ease, the more daring he got. He edged my dress higher up my body, exposing my nakedness to the warm sunshine. He kissed my stomach and traced his tongue down until he found my clit. I swallowed my moans, afraid that someone would hear.

The thrill of being discovered 

Voices came from out of nowhere as I covered myself in a panic. The Boss stood up and looked around.

“They’re going in the opposite direction” he said, smiling down at me, clearly enjoying the thrill of it all.

My heart was racing as I looked up at The Boss, shirtless in the sunshine. He looked so confident and strong. Adrenaline filled my body as he moved my hand to press against his shorts, his cock felt hard and I wanted it. But did I dare?

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He gasped as I took him in my mouth. He likes me to look up at him but I have to admit to looking around at every little noise I heard. He grabbed my hair and pushed deeper. I get a rush from gagging on him and he loves to see the drool dribble down my chin.

“On all fours” he instructed and I dutifully obeyed.

He was now completely naked, lifting up my dress to expose my bare ass. There was no covering up what we were doing should anyone else walk passed.

Focused on pleasing my Dom

My apprehension was completely eclipsed by my desperation to feel him inside me. There is definitely a point I can reach where I think of nothing else. I am focused entirely on him. He grabbed my waist tightly as he fucked me. At first I tried to stifle my reactions, trying not to draw any attention to us, The Boss however was far less cautious, spanking me without hesitation. 

His confidence calmed me, it helped me let go of my fears. I felt free, my face pushed against the warm grass, there was definitely something wild and natural about being fucked in the open air.

He flipped me onto my back with ease. I love being fucked hard from behind but I also love the intense eye contact when we are face to face. Everything around me seemed to disappear as he pressed down on me, my legs over each of his shoulders, pinning me with his gaze and his body.

Begging Him to cum

Our scenes aren’t always about orgasms, in fact, more often than not, neither of us cum until later. Our scenes tend to focus on the experimental: exploring different locations, toys, bondage and always power dynamics. However, sometimes I just desperately want to see him lose control.

“Please cum” I pleaded, looking up at him, his naked body bathed in sunshine and sweat.

A serious intense look crept over his face as he held me more firmly and fucked me harder. I love watching him on the edge of climax. His body stiffening as he gets close. There’s a feeling of being used to service him that I enjoy, I want to bring him pleasure. He threw his head back with a groan and grabbed my legs tightly as he came inside me. All cares of being caught in the act had long since gone.

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The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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