Confessions of a Sub: Teasing and Begging 

Confessions of a sub: Teasing and Begging

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The Boss gently slipped the blindfold over my eyes and told me to lie back on the bed. He carefully removed my clothing, kissing each exposed body part as he went. The dimly lit hotel room was now nothing but darkness to me, as I heard him rummage in his bag. I never know exactly what will unfold in a scene, that’s part of the excitement, but The Boss does give me juicy tidbits as part of the build-up. He’d hinted that tonight was going to be focused on teasing me until I was begging him to fuck me and that he’d be using the information gleaned from my erotic blueprint to take me to the edge. 

We’d been reading about different sexual styles (in fact, we’d taken a quiz created by a Somatic Sexologist to determine our erotic style) and my predominant desires involved sensuality, kink and something described as ‘energetic’. Armed with my erotic blueprint, The Boss devised a scene that incorporated elements of each.

Simple, slow and sensual 

He took my left arm and held it firmly with one hand, sliding rope around my wrist with his other. The Boss had been learning basic Shibari for some time now and could securely tie my wrists without much effort. He did the same to my right wrist and then fastened the ends so that both my arms were stretched across the bed in opposite directions. He then did the same with my legs.

Blindfold, naked and bound to the bed, I could feel my heart beginning to race. I felt helpless and exposed, completely at his mercy. More fumbling in his bag set my mind racing with images of the many toys he could be retrieving. My muscles tensed in anticipation as I felt him come closer. A light touch started on my leg and slowly moved up my body, spidering across my stomach, lightly over my breasts and across my neck. I could feel goosebumps erupt over my skin and an energy begin to build deep in my core. The touch was far lighter than a fingertip, a feather maybe?

He kissed me firmly and it made me want to wrap my legs around him and press him against me, hard. He pulled away into the darkness once more and continued with the teasing: feather-like movements up my leg, fingertips lightly brushing my chest, warm breath between my legs and then a nibble and a tongue flick along my thigh. My body tensed and relaxed in waves, each touch adding to a tightness I could feel building within. I squirmed and pulled at my restraints, nervously awaiting the next sensation. A light kiss on my neck nearly brought me to tears. I felt like I’d been tied there for hours but in reality, it was probably no more than 20 minutes.

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“I can’t take much more,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Do you want something harder?” He asked, I could hear him grinning. 

“Please, I need to feel you against me” I gasped, releasing a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding. 

And then he was on top of me, pressing both arms firmly to the bed, lowering his bare chest against mine. The firm pressure felt so relieving that I really thought I might cry.

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Build up the energy, then control the release 

He undid the restraints around my ankles and pressed firmly against my legs as he moved slowly between them. The blindfold was still in place as his tongue found my clit, and my back arched at the sensation. All the build-up and teasing had made me so sensitive that I almost couldn’t stand it. I wrapped my legs around him and groaned with pleasure.

“Please let me touch you, I want to feel you hard in my mouth” I begged, desperate for a firmer sensation.

“How much do you want it?” He asked. I could hear the excitement in his voice, the eagerness to be touched, but he wanted to play with that desperation a little longer, to make me really beg for it.

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives

“I want it so much, I want to feel your cock filling my mouth, to gag on it until my eyes water, please let me have it”

He removed my restraints and blindfold.

“On your knees” he instructed as he threw a cushion on the floor in front of him. I knelt before him, looking up at my tall muscular Dom, waiting for my orders.

“Undress me” he instructed. He’d already removed his shirt earlier so I immediately unfastened his belt. I could feel his hard cock pressing against his jeans as I frantically pulled them off.

“Stick out your tongue”

I rocked back on my heels, looked up at him and stuck out my tongue. He held my head as he brought his cock towards me, and then he stopped.

“Tell me again how much you want it,” he said, moving away. 

“Please, please, I want to feel your cock in my mouth, filling my mouth, pushing down my throat, I want to gag, please let me have it” I begged, the words rattling out of my mouth uncontrollably.

“You can suck on it for a little bit and then I’m going to bend you over and fuck you hard,” he said, his voice calm and controlled.

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“Yes, please, I want you to fuck me hard”. The words tumbled out in relief, I could feel all the energy inside me, all the desire, the waiting was agony.

He moved towards me as I stuck out my tongue and suddenly he was filling my mouth, pushing himself down my throat. I pulled him deeper into me, saliva dripping down my chin. The feeling was intense, such a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. I was serving my Dom and it felt incredible.

“On the bed, bum up” he commanded.

Even just the thought of feeling him inside me sent shivers through my body. I pressed my arms and face against the mattress and raised my ass into the air, spreading my legs wide. I know he likes this view, submissive and exposed. 

“Fuck you look good” he groaned as he smacked my ass.

I waited obediently for him to fuck me, I was so desperate to feel him inside me.

“You’re going to have to ask nicely,” he said, gently stroking my ass.

“Please fuck me, fuck me hard” I begged.

The agony of waiting is worth the intensity of the release

He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, thrusting inside me with an audible moan, he couldn’t hold himself back any longer either. He spanked me hard and warmth flooded my body. The feeling was euphoric.

I rarely cum from penetration alone but this was so close.

Waves of pleasure washed across my body with every thrust, with every touch. He gently ran his fingers down my back sending intense shivers across my body. I moved wildly between the floating feeling of subspace into that intense bodied feeling and back again until we both collapsed exhausted and sweating onto the bed. It was a different feeling from an orgasm, it engulfed my whole body.

This wasn’t where the scene ended, it was simply a pause to gather ourselves before we moved on to some gentle play. We like to explore different speeds and intensities during our scenes and The Boss is very good at judging when I need a break or a change of pace. The experience so far had been emotionally intense and I needed a little halftime aftercare before moving on to the next scene… which had a focus on anal play, but that’s for another story. 

The Art of Submission. A course for beginner submissives
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I really appreciate this. It’s well written and my my I happily feel the heat, the fire pulsating in me and as I keep reading it gets hotter and hotter. All I can say simply is this…thank you.


This has given me much inspiration for future scenes that can feature the hallmarks of this article. Thank you.