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Sensational Scenes

How to Heighten Arousal, Induce Subspace, and Have Mind-Blowing Sexual Experiences in D/s Relationships.

Available in two options.

eBook Only

The eBook in PDF and ePub formats.

eBook + Demo Videos

The eBook plus access to real-life demonstration videos showing all the principles in action. Learn more.

What’s the book about?​

Sensational Scenes is a book about introducing Dom/sub dynamics into your sex life and relationship. It’ll teach you an easy to learn the formula for creating incredible experiences in and out of the bedroom during a BDSM scene.

Sensational Scenes is not your typical BDSM training manual. I don’t teach techniques such as spanking, using toys, bondage. Rather, Sensational Scenes teaches the theory and principles I apply to all my sexual and non-sexual Dom sub play in order to give my submissive experiences to remember.

The entire philosophy of Sensational Scenes is ‘it’s not only What you do, but also How and Why you are doing it’.

You already know the What. Those are the physical techniques that other books cover. Sensational Scenes helps you with the How and Why, two critical components which many Dominants overlook, when in reality they are everything.

For example, have you ever tried a sexual technique on someone which usually works, only to have it fail miserably? It’s probably because the How and Why components were missing.

Great sex starts in the mind. The role of a Dominant is to help the Submissive enter that submissive mindset and take her on a journey as the scene progresses, not just to perform a sequence of BDSM activities.

Sensational Scenes teaches you my exact method of doing this, all in an easy to read and straightforward manner.

Who’s it for?​

Sensational Scene is written for beginner and intermediate Dominants and submissives. 

Dominants will learn powerful techniques of BDSM scene structuring in order to take their submissive on an incredible mental and physical journey. 

Submissives will get a deep insight into how a Dom thinks, as well as a better understanding of their own submission and experiences during a scene.

Sensational Scenes stack of books

What will I learn?

Sensational Scenes is a book about introducing Dom/sub dynamics into your relationship. It’ll teach you an easy to learn the formula for creating incredible experiences in and out of the bedroom during a BDSM scene.

  • The 4 phases of a Scene Story and why you must hit each one in turn
  • The psychology of submission and why you MUST deliver as a Dom
  • The Five Ps of Intent and how to use them
  • The essential skills all Dom must have
  • Psychological techniques to heighten arousal and submission
  • How to develop your own unique style of play using the Sensational Scenes formula
  • How to make sexual play and D/s play more fun, engaging, and powerful
  • How to heighten arousal and generate feelings of subspace

What format is the book?​

The book is delivered digitally in both PDF and ePub formats.

You can view it on any of your own devices, including phone, desktop, tablet, and eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle.

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What’s included with the ‘Demo Videos’ option?

Choose this option and along with the eBook you’ll get access to videos demonstrating the principles of Sensational Scenes. These bring the concepts to life, and give you real-world examples of Dom sub interactions.

The demo scenes are filmed for educational purposes and do not include any nudity. Each has in-depth commentary narrated by Chief and his sub, describing in detail his thought process at every moment.

All videos are housed in our secure e-learning platform, available to view on on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The videos you’ll receive are:

Who are you and why did you write the book?

I’m Chief, founder of I help people create the Dom sub dynamics they’ve always fantasised about.

My mission is to help one million people develop their own unique style of dominance and submission, in a safe and consensual manner, as well as destigmatising and demystifying Dom/sub dynamics, so we can all have healthier, happier, and more pleasurable relationships.

Sensational Scenes started life as a set of ideas and principles on how to enhance rope bondage during sexual play that I planned to release as part of my Sinful Shibari rope bondage course for D/s couples.

As I put pen to paper the ideas kept flowing, and pretty soon I realised the principles didn’t just apply to shibari, but to all BDSM. So I expanded upon the ideas, fleshing out all the techniques I’ve been using in scenes to take submissives on incredible journeys, give them stronger orgasms, and allow them to embrace their submission.

Sensational Scenes was born.